In which I ran a marathon by 8:30 AM

That’s what it felt like anyway. I was up and out early enough to make it to the Saline Rd. Meijer by seven AM to get stuff I buy there that I don’t (usually) buy at Plum. Lima beans for one 🐽 (Plum doesn’t seem to carry them). I had a minor kerfuffle with the Meijer uscan because I put my credit card in backwards 💩 and got the dreaded “card not recognized” message and then couldn’t cancel out of it. The cashier (who is wonderful) was helping another person with what seemed like a more complicated problem. And then. I noticed a “go back” button and that worked like a charm. Go me.

Home long enough to move a load of laundry from the warshing musheen to the dryer, then off to the Plum to get the rest of the stuff on my list and check in with my fave workers there. The Plum uscan got confused about some sweet potatoes and kept telling me to move them here and there but eventually I bludgeoned my way through. This uscan accepts cards when you hover them by the pay-pad screen so no issues there.

I was pretty stressed out in general. That began at four AM or so because of all things I was stressed out about getting up in time to get to Meijer by seven.

Mr. Golden Sun is rising around 7:20 these days so it was dark when I left, or so I thought. I was hanging out by the front window which faces west. When I got out to Cygnus and turned around? Wow, the eastern sky was pretty light and there was the waning crescent moon hanging there. A sweet, calming moment of grace.

One Response to “In which I ran a marathon by 8:30 AM”

  1. Margaret Says:

    What you talk about is why I avoid uscans like the plague. I love lima beans!