Last round for the Lyme Lounge Tiki Bar

For this year anyway. We porterized ourselves a day early (Thursday) because the weather is supposed to take a turn tomorrow and we wanted to take the Lyme Lounge Tiki Bar over to hang out in their driveway BEFORE we would have a need to turn the Lyme Lounge heater on. It turns the LL heater was on *anyway* but we turned it off. Because we were hot.

We had an interesting time backing the whole affair into the driveway. The GG is really good at driving with a trailer (but not as good as our friend Stan who I’ve seen pull — and back up — TWO trailers). But it was rush hour and even though we were on a neighborhood street, it’s a bit of a thru street so we had to keep yielding to traffic, automotive, pedestrian, and dog. But we finally made it in and an hour-and-a-half (or so) of happy hour ensued. Manhattans (for us), martinis (for them) and an exquisite little array of snacky type things the GG bought at the Plum Market today. He does know how to cater a party, at least a mini-party like this one. Peppered sausage, cranberry goat cheese (put on list KW), whitefish spread, and crackers, etc. to go with. And I fergit what else. I do the heavy menu lifting around here but appreciate him stepping in for snacks (among other things).

We bagged it after an hour and a half (or maybe a weeeee bit longer). It’s a School Night for me. Pretty much every night is a school night for me whether I have to work in the morning or not. In truth I don’t usually log in to work until 9:00 AM or so. I walk and do grock shopping and kitchen cleanup and laundry and other chores before I log in. I learned as a new employee that most people didn’t show up to work at 0-skunk-30. Once when I returned to work after a two week vacation at the moomin I was thinking I needed to get in there ready to go on Monday morning. It turned out that when I arrived, there were like three cars in the parking lot and no one else on my team arrived until around ten or whatever. Okay then.

And LOL, once I said something about doing chores to my then boss, the LSCHP, and he looked at me like he thought I might be milking cows or something. I so miss the LSCHP (and often channel him) but he landed on his feet and last I knew, he was doing really well. So cheers to the guy who took a chance on hiring a baggy old bag as a student intern 16 years ago and then hired her as a full-time employee after three months as an intern.

2 Responses to “Last round for the Lyme Lounge Tiki Bar”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That sounds like a fun happy hour! I would want an amber ale or two though. 🙂 I remember you posting fondly about the Long-Suffering Cat Herding Person–I loved that title!

  2. l4827 Says:

    The best time, friends and bartender’s sport coat and lounge! We made it home safely 🙂