Yeah, I didn’t think to preheat my car this morning

The friendly young Meijer U-scan clerk was making weather-type small talk at 0-skunk-30 this morning and that’s how I replied to him. I KNEW the temperature was 29. I KNOW that almost ALWAYS means there is frost on zee veeeeendsheeeeld.

I shouldda known enough to peek out the front door (we don’t have a garatchkey) and check on the conditions. I failed. So. I hopped into Cygnus and turned the heat up to HIGH and put the defroggers on full blast. I thought maaaaaybe I could sit in there and WAIT for zee veeeendsheeld to thaw enough that I could see. Naw, yer fav-o-rite blahgger is waaaaay too impatient for that. (Ask a few of my relations.) So I hopped back in to the Landfill, rummaged around to FIND an ice scraper (which we probably have umpteen gazillion of), and got into business PDQ. Don’t worry, the roads were bone dry and Mr. Golden Sun was BLINDING as he rose above the horizon on my RETURN trip down Dexter/Ann Arbor Road.

Other than that, this morning was my first in what’ll probably be umpteen gazillion trips to get grocks this week even though we will have a small gathering. I did get organized today. I have a long and winding grock list going and I cleaned some parts of the chitchen that haven’t seen any attention for a while and I ran Roooomba a couple times. Leaf season is winding down but Rooomba is still emptying her bin frequently.

Gratuitous pic of the POC aka 1996 Island Teal Plymouth Voyager back when we used to rake our leaves into the street for the city to pick up. I lusted for this vee-hickle and its color. Alas, it was lemon-ish. It never left me “dead” on the side of the road but that’s only because most times we had trouble with it, the GG was with me and managed to “panty-hose” it back together or whatever he had to do. Nothing like marrying a mechanical genius who also worked at the Hamtramck assembly plant to put himself through college. How lucky can you get? That’s about as far as I’m gonna go tonight. Wouldn’t want him to get a big head…

One Response to “Yeah, I didn’t think to preheat my car this morning”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve always been with guys who can figure just about anything out. It has spoiled me! I do have a garage so when I stay at John’s and have to scrape my windshield, ugh. He usually helps me out though.