Mimosas and samosas

Well, that was about as smooth a Thanksgiving as I can remember. Keep It Simple Stupid. A new mantra.

I learned a new trick. Instead of trying to sort out the leftover turkey AFTER getting the dishes done, I just stuffed it all into a couple gallon freezer bags (a third for the carcass, which a beach urchin took home to make stock). And dealt with it today. I also left a *few* dishes for morning. I don’t like to wake up to a sink full of dirty dishes but one or two left to soak are okay. My energy levels are MUCH higher in the morning and cleanup is a snap. Fly Lady would not “approve” but this is what works for me. Disclaimer: I *love* Fly Lady. She and her website “saved my life” a number of years ago and after taking an exploratory tour through the Landfill Dungeon today, I think it’s time I revisit her. But not for washing dishes. But FlyLady.net rocks.

The turkey leftover processing discovery was pretty accidental. People wanted to make a faaaar outside in the faaar pit and as taaaared as I was, I decided I didn’t want to miss that. It was a little warm to make a faaaar in the indoor faaaar place, at least on a day when there are extra people bopping around and I am spending a lot of time in the kitchen. It gets too hot. Outside was pretty chilly but okay for the hour or so we were out there. The waxing gibbous moon and Jupiter joined us. Uranus was out there somewhere too but not easily visible to the naked eye.

So this morning, after finishing the dishes and emptying the dishwasher, I made a wee bit of eggs benny to use that stuff up and get it outta the fridge and then I processed the leftover turkey. As an added bonus, the compost bin goes out today and because we have a full bin of leaves and yard waste, that meant I could put turkey BONES, etc., in the compost bins. The rules for dealing with compost are complex but I do not put *any* meat in my own yard compost. But it is legal to put it in with the compost the city picks up. Anything I can keep outta the landfill (meaning the city landfill, but also MY landfill).

Mimosas anyone? How about a samosa? This is another accidental tradition. We often have a mimosa sometime on Tday and xmas afternoon. A few years ago, the beach urchins came over on a random Sunday, no holiday involved. We heated up some *samosas* for a snack. The GG heard us talking about *samosas* and yelled from his lair, “Are you guys drinking?” Well, not that day but now when we have a *mimosa*, we usually have some *samosas* to go with.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Misunderstood conversations make the best family inside jokes!