Live from the Green Guy Cafe

Very quick update. Lots of wildlife action on the beach in the late afternoon yesterday. This larger-than-life crayfish is the fast backer in the great lakes region. I startled him and he scuttled. Rescued some small ducklings from a large jaws-looking fish. Well, not sure I really rescued them or if the fish just finally decided to turn away on his own. Slug on the yoga rock at the Doelle end of the beach, a garter snake, and a hatch of some sort of larvae we’ve never noticed before. Heavy thunderstorms rolled through in the early morning and I gave myself a pass on walking the beach because of lightning. Oh, and Indian Pipes are all over in the woods on top of Mission Hill. Gotta go! Seeya later!


3 Responses to “Live from the Green Guy Cafe”

  1. rabbi ann white Says:

    Are you on vacation? Hard to tell since your world is always so full of the awe of nature. What exactly are Indian Pipes. I saw the photo, but need more info. Have fun. The yoga rock sounds cool.

  2. Margaret Says:

    That is a scary crayfish! What is an Indian pipe? In spite of the t-storms, hope you’re having a great time.

  3. UU Says:

    Check the web cam at HL.

    We are off to the spikehorn. They don’t serve craw fish there but the do serve people.