New best friends

So the main thing that happened here at the Landfill today was the GG made a legendary trip to the Scrap Box. The Scrap Box is an organization that “recycles” ALL KINDS of crafty type materials. When the beach urchins were young, I often attended Scrap Box workshops with their classes or girl scout troops or the youth theatre guild.

I was tentative about sending a shoebox of origami cranes over there. Who would want those? Then I remembered that most of them were probably made by actors guild folks to use in the set design for one of our plays. I thought something like, “If I needed a bunch of origami cranes for something and had limited time (or skills) to make them, I might be happy to find them at the Scrap Box”. I probably made some of those cranes. I did origami ALL THE TIME as a kid, thanks to the paper and books my eccentric aunt Roberta sent me. She spent a couple years post WWII teaching in Japan (well before I was born).

And guess what? He took the cranes and they WANTED THEM! In fact they took everything. Aaaannnd… The woman on duty RECOGNIZED the GG from an earlier trip when he dumped off a bunch of leather scraps from my dad’s old tannery job in Sault Ste. Siberia before I was born. By the time I was born, he was working at the bank albeit not at a highly paid job, assistant teller maybe? My granddaddy was the bank prez but he made his kiddo rise through the ranks so not really a nepo baby. We were certainly not rich when I was a child although there was never a wolf at the door and my dad was never in danger of losing his job (that I know of). And he became a good and well respected local banker and businessman. Although in recent years I have come to hate the term “businessman”. Good businessmen are HONEST. Like my dad.

We still have plenty of stuff to get rid of but I love that there are so many donation centers in our area. There really are people who want other people’s old crapola and it feels so good to get it out of our house although we have a long way to go…

Finally, I am thankful that the GG has taken on this prodject. Even though I KNOW what our donation centers accept, being a shy person, I am always worried that I’ll turn up with stuff and they’ll say “we don’t want that old crapola”.

The pic is from 1998, which means I probably took it with our first digital cam, the Sony Mavica. I posted it because THIS xmas, the GG was worried that he would not be able to fit TWO ducks on our gas grill to cook them for dinner. I told him he had done it MANY times before and here is proof. I don’t THINK this is the year they caught fire.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m like you–not shy precisely but worried that they won’t want the donations. Yet, they do! (except beds, no place around here will take used mattresses) My dad was a teacher, also not highly paid yet a secure paycheck, which doesn’t seem as prevalent these days when employees can get laid off for no reason at all.