Root root root for the home team

Xwitter play:

New Years Day, Landfill, KW and GG

GG [jumping up and down]: blah-blah-blah interception blah-blah-blah
KW: Whut?

Again (and the GG knows this). 1) I am not a sports fan, especially not team sports. 2) I do enjoy football as background noise. 3) UMich has been the home team for me since I was a kid (and I have lived here most of my adult life). 4) May the home team win.

Anyway the GG hiked 22 miles today. He is hot to get his 100 mile North Country Trail badge in record time. His (frenetic) activities this evening involve 1) watching the Rose Bowl, 2) putting away xmas decorations, and 3) jumping around while talking to various siblings. He has a lot more siblings than I do and more are living. Out of ten, he is one of seven survivors. Out of two I am the sole survivor. Miss you bro. You’d be so proud of your uber-smart, accomplished daughters.

To catch up, last I LOOKED AS OF THIS MORNING, the house explosion we heard on Saturday killed four people, two parents and two out of three of their children. A pic I saw showed teen / adult children. Third child (son) and an uncle (I think he was the owner) were still alive but not sure how they’re doing. Lots of speculation about what caused the explosion. I am tentatively on the side of propane gas accident but that is still speculation. Awful awful awful whatever happened. How does a survivor go on from something like this? I do not know.

To end on an up-note, I finished my 2023 goodreads challenge at 101 yesterday and began my 2024 challenge today. 100 books again. I have decided to not give my books a star rating this year. My feelings toward books and their authors are more nuanced than 1-5 star ratings. If I read something really really really bad, I might rate it. I am not inclined to give *reviews* on goodreads. Complicated reasons. So if my VERY FEW goodreads friends want to know what I think about a book, they will have to ask. Maybe that will start an interesting conversation…

2 Responses to “Root root root for the home team”

  1. Margaret Says:

    What a tragedy! A propane explosion sounds logical. Michigan beat the Crimson Tide! I was happy about that because many Alabama fans I know are obnoxious about their fandom.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Your home team and my home team (actually my alma mater) will be playing. I don’t give my team much of a chance from how I saw them play last night. Almost had a heart attack!