No Train Tracks Here

chloe.jpgFirst and foremost, happy birthday Kathy! I first met you and a lot of Courtois folks on your 30th. I will never forget it!

So, this weekend, for about the first time since last August, I didn’t feel like I was standing on the railroad tracks staring down an oncoming train. Or feeling like I had just been hit by a train. Or just that old familiar feeling of wondering whether I feel like a zombie or a walking train wreck. In other words, we went to Houghton Lake for the weekend and I pretty much did whatever the heck I wanted. A lot of it involved the computer and the Internets and working on various web sites and flash and image processing so it wasn’t really that different from being in school. Except that I don’t have to turn any of it in for grading this week.

Whew! What did we do? I’m not sure, in retrospect, it all seems kind of like a big foggy mish-mash. Hiked at Beaver Creek Saturday and bumbled around at the Reedsburg Dam on Sunday, mostly I walked with Chloe and the Twinz picked up trash. The Beautiful Gay is not all that crazy about hiking out in the back woods so she did pretty much exactly what she wanted to do, which I think was mostly cleaning up after the rest of us slobs. And cooked a great dinner Saturday night and didn’t even want me to help although I was such a darn slug I wouldn’t’ve been much help anyway. (Thanks Gay!) The Twinz of Terror hung up birdhouses and planted baby trees that they dug up out on the Scenic Trails and I dunno what else. Campfire on the “beach” Saturday night. Lotsa talk, much needed.

click on the pic or here for the slideshow. Love.

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