Things that spiral and create great devastation

First of all, it broke 60 degrees here again today and this photo was taken by my mouse, who did not have to work today, so she and the racc went kayaking! I think this is the Huron River.

Me? I have been ANNOYED ALL DAY at listening to crapola about elderly men who confuse names! The first I heard this was in Cygnus on the way to and from the hardware store! Yes. I went to the hardware store today. Woo-hoo! The main thing on my list was a new white Rubbermaid dish pan since my current one is stained (tomato sauce). I had another couple of things on my list but our otherwise loverly Ace store didn’t have exactly what I wanted. So more shopping this weekend maybe!

Anyway. I don’t have a lot of steam for polly-tickle stuff tonight. My ducks are not in a row. But I strongly suspect that most elected officials end up with classified documents in their garage or wherever. The question is do they surrender them willingly, allowing officials to search their property? Or do they cling to them for dear life, ranting and raving about witch hunts?

I know all kinds of people of ALL AGES who confuse names and dates and any manner of data items, especially when they are in the heat of the moment speechifying about something or other to an audience. Radical Betty remembered my grandmother (as a young mother) running through all of her four childrens’ names plus the dog before landing on the culprit she was after at the moment. I try to sit on my hands or stick a sock in my mouth so as not to correct people. Because I am pretty precise but I do make mistakes. I am human. I err.

I think that comparing an 81-year-old to a 77-year-old is kind of pointless. I don’t think either one of them has dementia. Biden is a life-long stutterer. I think people forget that. Trump just spews whatever word salad comes into his fugly orange head in whatever moment he’s in. Nobody ever seems to even notice that.

The title? That was Radical Betty’s late in life substitution for “tornado”. Both The Commander and Radical in their sunset years would sometimes substitute words. They couldn’t necessarily pull out the precise word in the moment but they were able to make themselves understood. The “tornado” thing was (I think) on a Petoskey boondoggle, me driving them and mouse and UKW in my Honda Accord. The Commander, on that same trip, referred to their friend Cam’s Second Head of Hair. Which was a wig. When we got home that evening, The Comm concocted “gin” margaritas. I’m sure there were many other times when Mom and Betty could easily pull “tornado” and “wig” out when needed.

I wish for younger leaders for our country. But (again) I don’t know who can beat The Orange Baboon besides Biden and I do not trust the Orange Baboon. He was terrible during his first term and I believe he will be worse if he wins a second. He has learned that nothing will happen to him if he pulls the “old Trump bullshit”. Ask his biographer.

I will be voting for Biden without holding my nose.

2 Responses to “Things that spiral and create great devastation”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I strongly second everything you bring up in this post.

  2. Pam J. Says:

    I’m totally and completely devastated by the events of the last 2 days. That Hur report, and Biden’s press conference, will do exactly what the Comey report (Hillary’s emails) did 7 years ago. I am desperate to become one of the 150 million Americans who never vote, never pay attention to politics. But instead, I’m going to help the Democratic Party by trying to get out the (honorable) vote in the seven states that matter. I have friends who send postcards to registered voters and they find it very satisfying. But if the Supreme Court decides to pass on deciding whether a president has immunity from all crimes well then, it’s over. And while I’m on a wild rant, I’ll add that the CIA should consider doing what their forebears did in the 60s and pull a Lee Harvey Oswald on DJT.