Bring back the marching bands

The GG this afternoon: Going to hike SW of Gaylord and then come home for the Super Bowl with you. I’ll bet you are excited. (Well something like that.)

Oddly, I am not a football fan but I like the ambience of football and WEIRDLY tonight I actually have been watching and kinda get how it works. I used to know, at least the system of “downs” but lost track at some point. At this particular moment, the game is not over yet. It’s in OT. That could end any time.

We were kinda loosely “rooting” for SanFran. No particular reason really. Our daughter did live out there for six years but she’s been back here for many years now and she isn’t a particular football fan. We don’t have any kind of connection with Kansas City at all and I am nonplussed about the whole Swiftie thing. The GG did some weird kind of head calculation that made a Niners win somehow make up for the Lions? I don’t totally understand it.

OMG the ads! I could not follow them. A lot of the time, I couldn’t figure out when one ad ended and the next one started. What are you promoting? Put your company name or url out there please.

I was (again) lamenting that they don’t do a marching band halftime. I’m not sure that the NFL ever did do marching band halftimes but I am totally not crazy about pop music. But then, wait a minute, is that a guy in a marching band uniform playing a tuba back there? There was a quick nod to marching band shows, although this band did not really march. It more or less danced.

I was reading a really good book when the game was starting (West With Giraffes) and didn’t want to put it down but couldn’t focus between getting dinner ready (skillet chicken with lemon, feta, and orzo, etc.) so I’ll have to squeeze that in over lunch tomorrow.

One Response to “Bring back the marching bands”

  1. Margaret Says:

    The ads are so far removed from the actual product and are meant to get our attention or pull on our emotions. I don’t like the manipulation of it. I was pulling for SF too because KC wins too much, SF has a young nice QB and I haven’t liked Pat Mahomes much lately. West with Giraffes is on our Book Club list!