Ah don’t recollect

That’s what today was. I spent a lot of the afternoon listening to LAWYERS streaming from the GG’s lair. I am not sure what the hell they were talking about. Over and over and over and over again I heard, “I don’t remember”. If you are a lawyer it seems you should be able to remember things, right? I am not a lawyer and I remember a LOT of things, sometimes annoyingly so. So you are probably lying.

I am remembering senate hearings about whatever from waaaay long ago. White southern senators kept saying, “Ah don’t recollect”. I was annoyed as all getout. Whaddya mean y’all don’t recollect?

Out of the FIVE (count ’em) lawyers that tried to dig their fingers into The Commander’s stuff, one was a decent lawyer. Two were incompetent (mom hired them but I am guilty of keeping them on). Two were carpetbaggers hired by a former in-law. They lost, as they deserved to. The fifth cleaned the whole mess up. So one out of five was competent and honorable.

The GG FINALLY turned off the non-remember-ers and took a walk. I gave him a mission to get some broccoli. From the Plum. Well. He went to Kroger. It was a MESS over there. The produce was totally picked over and there were long lines at the checkout. He did come home with broccoli and I had to ask, where did you get it? Thankfully, he got it at the Plum, as he was INSTRUCTED to do in the first place. Whew!

One Response to “Ah don’t recollect”

  1. Margaret Says:

    When you do remember but lie and say you don’t, that should be perjury! Still, I know it would be impossible to prove. Older Daughter has specific places she gets things too: Trader Joe’s has great stuff, but Safeway has much better produce and Harbor Greens has wonderful (but expensive) specialties. Luckily, they’re all very close to where she lives.