Sunday boring Sunday (with teal)

A day of picky little chores. Yesterday the GG alerted me to something going on in the water closet, namely tattered bath towels. Yes, I’m aware of that. I think they are even too tattered to take to the Humane Society.

His idea was to go out and physically SHOP for them. And that would’ve been okay albeit stultifyingly boring. But I got to thinking… I do that sometimes. Where on earth would I go to buy towels? The only local bricks and mortar store I could think of that would have high quality cotton towels was Macy’s. Problem? I did NOT want to go to the mall.

My next thought was either LL Bean or Land’s End. Hmmm… I have never been in a bricks and mortar version of either of those stores. I was vaguely aware that we had a Land’s End in town for a while. All Land’s End stores in the SE Great Lake State are permanently closed according to goomaps. There is an LL Bean way on the other side of megalopolis. I was not feeling inclined to head over there today. In other words, I did not really want to go shopping at all.

So let your fingers do the walking. I looked at what Macy’s had. Didn’t have my preferred color. Looked at LL Bean and a couple other mainly on-line shops. Didn’t have my preferred color. Land’s End had teal and bingo, that is my preferred color. The Landfill water closet has white tile, countertop, and walls with a black cabinet and beige floor tile. The main nod to color is the accent tile in the pic, which shows up in a couple locations.

The GG expressed a desire to interact with the towels in person before buying them but I think Land’s End’s cotton towels will be fine and I managed to convince him of that. He actually admitted that he hadn’t thought of looking for towels at LL Bean or Land’s End.

Our shopping landscape has changed since covid. The last time I bought new towels I *did* go to Macy’s and if the clerk hadn’t noticed I was buying a *lot* of towels, I would have bought *12* towels instead of the six I wanted. She was kind of snarky actually but in my defense, the towels were folded together in a kind of a weird way.

I did a few other chores that don’t merit a mention and the GG replaced Cygnus’s veeeendsheeeeld vipers. She still feels new to me but she’s going on three years so surely there is some wear and tear but I also think our January ice storm may have accelerated the damage.

Making chicken shawarma, the Baggy Old American Moom kind (on a sheet pan), and reading The Covenant of Water, which I am enjoying a lot. I also really liked West With Giraffes, which I finished last week or whenever. And Family Family, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I liked it.

2 Responses to “Sunday boring Sunday (with teal)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I have to interact with towels personally because of texture and color. I have tricky colored bathrooms. (except the 1st floor one which is light green thus most greens except mint work)

  2. Pooh Says:

    I’ve been buying new towels for the cabin over the last couple of years. Meijer’s has Eco-Dry towels, which feel nice, and supposedly take less time to dry. My going-in idea was to have a rainbow of towels, coffee mugs, etc. That way, when we had a full house, you could claim your color for your stay. I don’t think they had a teal though. I’m sure Lands’ End will have good towels too.