Point and shoot

Crappy photo of our southward Saturday Drive today. We were mostly on small back roads like this one and out of frame to the left are the (distant) Monroe nuclear cooling towers.

Since we were heading south and into the area between The Planet Ann Arbor and one of its satellite burgs (Saline), I directed the GG to take my old Zen Commute Route to check out what might be happening down at Cubelandia. Turns out our part of the building seems to be totally deserted. There wasn’t even a “for rent” sign that I could see. I am sad/not sad about this. I usually went into the office unless there was a snowstorm (why muck up the roads with one more vee-hickle when I can work from home) or working from the moomincabin or somewhere. On the other hand, if people can work productively from home, why the heck not? We do. So does my boss by the way. He is in Virginia and I have never met him in person. I get really cranky when I read about corporate lord high muckity mucks trying to drag their employees back to the office. Especially tech companies. Delete long rant about how people don’t really come up with brilliant ideas when they are talking around the proverbial water cooler. Usually they’re just gossiping about movies or video games or other people. Which is okay. But…

From there we had an annoying errand at our nephew’s empty house (he and his family moved outta town so they’re getting ready to sell). The GG is missing a “tool” of some sort and the last time he saw it was there a few days ago when he was helping his brother empty the house. He didn’t find it but I bet he will eventually. Like the other day when, after much fiddly-doodling around and quite some marital stress, he found the *changed* password to one of my financial accounts. The one that I TEXTED to him after I was *forced* to change it.

Nevertheless, we had a nice drive in brilliant sunshine with temps in the 20s. We are in a very flat part of SE Michigan here but we turned right (west) and within a mile we were in glacial moraine meaning ups and downs and twists and turns. Back up through Tecumseh where we were not able to locate the building of the long-defunct Chilean House, a restaurant we frequented in our “childhood” years. A Chilean co-worker’s family owned it and it was REALLY GOOD! Then off through Macon to Saline, BACK to the nephew’s house to look AGAIN for the dang tool (still not found) and finally home.

Boring but orange-ya glad I didn’t talk about polly-ticks again today? I’ll be back…

One Response to “Point and shoot”

  1. Margaret Says:

    The tool must have gotten up and walked around. I’m hoping that when younger daughter gets a job, it will be a hybrid one. She needs to get out of the house and see other people face to face. Better for her mental health.