Quitting (not)

Blahgging, that is. Yesterday’s six o’clock disturbance was a garden variety baggy old married couple dispute. It was minor but it rather discombobulated yer fav-o-rite blahgger from doing her blahg.

It involved locating quit claim deeds for multiple FinFam generations of property transfers (yes really). Was this something good to get a handle on? Yes. Did it need to become a Hot Issue at 6:00 PM on Sunday? Nope. Where are Liii-yuns football games when I need them? Quit claim deeds, etc. are online these days and after a WHOLE DAY (today) of searches, my marital partner found what he needed. Okay great! Why does this stuff have to be so stressful? I mean it FELT stressful. Mostly because what angst there was got directed at me. Or at least it FELT that way. I actually find looking around for internet records kinda zen. Usually. But some of this stuff dredges up unpleasant memories from 10-ish years ago after The Commander died and an in-law decided to attack me and my family with unscrupulous lawyers.

That’s all I will say about that. Except that although it is good to have copies of legal records in your home, I can’t help thinking, “What if the house explodes?” Two houses in our area have exploded in two months. Even the GG had to laugh… Of course this is totally black humor and pretty inappropriate given that in one explosion, four people died.

Anyway, dinner got an even later start than usual. That along with TWO series episodes made it impossible for me to concentrate on a blahg entry. Uh, not that y’all care. Two series? Station Eleven. I’ve watched it already, the GG has not so I’m watching it with him. And The Crown (I’m closing out the 4th season). The GG isn’t watching this. I think the early episodes with Churchill, etc., may have been somewhat interesting to him but I don’t think he is that much interested in Princess Di and the various dramas of QEII’s adult children. I have mixed feelings about that era and how it is portrayed in the series but I am not a palace insider so I don’t know what the hell really went on. Mostly I don’t know what to believe. I will say that this series, although I am enjoying it, is not going to turn me into a royalist or whatever you call it.

I finished the last two pages of The Covenant of Water this morning before work. Overall I liked the book a lot. It dragged a bit in places. I am not “afraid” of long books (700-plus pages depending on how it’s measured) but I felt this one could have been edited down a bit. Not all that much, maybe 100 pages or so? Disclaimer: I am not qualified to be an editor, not to mention a book critic. Today I started a re-read of The Color Purple, which I read when I was very young. I’m wondering what I will think of it 40-50 years after I first read it. I have not forgotten the phrase “Shug Avery pee”.

The pic is another steal from my mouse, lightly apped to increase contrast.

One Response to “Quitting (not)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Yes, CoW did drag for me as well. There were SO many details and many of them were interesting, but took away from the flow of the book. (in my opinion) I should watch Station 11; I loved the book so much though that I’m not sure how I would feel about the series. I was disappointed in Silo for that reason.