Let them eat cheese

We ate at Beggar’s tonight but we ate at Dagwood’s for lunch. Dagwood’s is a “dive bar” but the food is good and it ALWAYS seems to be busy. Which bothered me a bit even though I knew what to expect.

It is bar food and I had an olive burger deluxe. It cost $4.00. I dunno if olive burgers are a Great Lake State thing or what but I have only discovered them in the last 10 years or so. If you had confronted me with an olive burger when I was a kid, I would have totally turned up my nose.

So we were at Beggar’s tonight with some other North Country Trail folks and our young waiter overheard us talking about Dagwood’s and he opined that you walk out of there feeling like you need to take a shower. This is definitely true but since we only eat there about once a year (or four given covid), I think we’re fine. And our waitress (at Dagwood’s) was proactive about asking if I wanted a second glass of whine. I said, “You’ve got *my* number!” The waiter (Beggar’s) also told us that his mom used to live *above* Dagwood’s and it was a horrible place to live. I can believe this. Oh don’t get me wrong, he was a wonderful waiter and we had a good time with him.

Beggar’s was not crowded, which I also expected because it gets more of a college crowd and Moo-U is just finishing up spring break. Sunday night it’ll be jam-packed but I’ll be back on The Planet Ann Arbor in my own little hidey hole of a house by then. In keeping with the theme of ordering something I HATED as a child, I got one of their mac-‘n’-cheese entrees. I got “Bob’s” and I got a “Betty” sized order rather than a “Bob” sized order. You might guess that ‘splaining this to the GG took some doing. It was word salad to him but in the end, he ordered the same thing, we both ate approximately half, and the rest of it is in the full-sized refrigimatator in our hotel room. We didn’t manage to get the ice maker going for tonight but after Beggar’s, I figured out that it had an ON switch. Who knew? Anyway, it is going now.

As you might have figured out, my brain is mush. G’night!

3 Responses to “Let them eat cheese”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s a very reasonably priced burger although I have no idea what an olive burger is. I do like a good mac and cheese sometimes. Dive bars can be interesting and have decent food. And beer is beer. (or wine)

  2. Pam J. Says:

    Olive burger you say? Hmmmm. Interesting idea. Very interesting. On the menu tonight at my house: olive burgers! Thanks for the idea. And yes, Mr. Google tells me it IS a Michigan thing. $4.00? Wha? Unless it was the size of a White Castle burger that’s a very good price.

  3. Pooh Says:

    Harry put olives in burgers when we were kids. I don’t think Bubs liked them as much as he did, but probably better than raisin burgers. I think he may have been influenced by his mother’s Puerto Rican cooking.