Sloooow day…

When the weather is good, I always try to insist on a slow back road drive home from the Quiet [Water]Adventure Symposium. From East Lansing to The Planet Ann Arbor. The weather WAS good this weekend. 60-something today and sunny. I think last year around this time we had thundersnow followed by an ice storm.

Anyway, we were heading over to Meridian Road and I opened up the xword puzzle. Wouldn’t you know, I did not START the puzz when I opened it up. I was too busy looking at the scenery and Goomaps. The next time I looked down at my phone, the puzz was running at 9:13 minutes and I HAD NOT STARTED IT YET. Jeebus. I do the xword “with” my daughter. That is we both do it every day and report our times to each other (or DNFs…). This is NOT a competition between us. Sometimes one of us does better than the other. Not every puzz is in everyone’s “wheelhouse”. She SOMETIMES admits to looking at the xword write-up for clues. I don’t do that. If I DNF, I DNF. DNF = did not finish in case you were wondering. But the main “rule” we have for this little bit of morning connection is we make our own rules and respect each other’s rules.

I didn’t start the puzz until we got home and when I reported my time, I subtracted 9:13 from it. But I also had to report a few typo/stupid errors. I am like five down from queen bee on the spelling bee. There are two 11-letter answers that I am not getting even though I think we’ve had similar letters before and I DID get them then. Plus a couple others. And I’m missing one pangram. Sigh… It’s been a while since I haven’t gotten to queen bee. I make myself get to genius with looking at the “grid”. After that I open the grid. That’s my rule.

The pic is from a road we haven’t traveled before or at least not for a long time. We took Meridian down to [North?] Territorial. We took [North?] Territorial over to M52, then hung a louie onto Farnsworth Road (not paved) and snaked around until we got to NORTH Territorial. We aren’t sure if Territorial and North Territorial are the same road or not. Or maybe once were before M52 cut through. Anyway the pic is from somewhere on Farnsworth Road. I think. And this is all gobblety-gook if you don’t live around here. And probably even to most Planet Ann Arbor-ites.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I do one timed crossword (the jumble) but it’s easy. I’m just slow. The other games I do are word puzzles or geography ones. John and I and sometimes the two daughters compare scores!