Winter beach camping

This is what the GG woke up to Saturday morning at the moomincabin. He went off on a hike that day and the amount and type of precipitation that fell varied from rain to six inches of snow. Slippery roads but it was slushy stuff that melted quickly.

It is March and if a snowdrift has not formed between the cabins by now, it is not going to. Also, ice will not form in the bay, not to mention Lake Superior, at this point.

The last time I posted about the GG camping in the moomincabin yard, I forgot to mention that although the Lyme Lounge doesn’t have any bathroom facilities, there is a functional outhouse behind the Old Cabin. The outhouse I was taught forced to use at three years old. There was a potty behind the “door” at the Old Cabin but The Commander was trying to get me to use the outhouse. And I did, for many years until we built the moomincabin and its own outhouse, which doesn’t exist any more. I still use the Old Cabin Outhouse when I need to, if the moomincabin is closed or full with people. May that outhouse live forever.

Me? Ugh but yay! After weeks of archaeological digs and re-watching a recorded meeting a billion times, I *finally* understand a complicated piece of our online banking application that dates from our old legacy system. I hired in at the beginning of the transition from legacy to web. I decided early on that my future was with the web application. I was right about that but there are times when legacy functionality rears its ugly head and I have to bang against it.

I thought I heard that the IRS has created their own e-file system. I am skeptical. It took my team something like 15 years to move our legacy system to a web application. We did it s-l-o-w-l-y and carefully. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. I hope our government has created (and tested tested tested) this new system with this kind of thing in mind.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Snow! That reminds me that I need to have my snow tires taken off. It was a waste to put them on but it’s impossible to predict that in November. 🙂