Jesus snows, Jesus snows, Jesus snows

How about a little lighter-weight fare today?

Here is Jesus in St. Joe’s church parking lot up in Sault Ste. Siberia. I took this in 2013 when we traveled up there to close out my parents’ safe deposit box (mom had died the year before). The bank was closing that branch and in addition to all the stuff in the box, the bank manager (also mom’s next door neighbor) dredged up a bunch of photos of my dad and granddaddy from the basement. I still don’t have all that stuff sorted out. I need to get at it.

After that, while the GG took a catnap, I walked south to my shabby little childhood bungalow on Superior Street, across from good old Stinkin’ Linkin’ elementary school. I used to Red Queen over there from my house every morning. I turned around at that point and took my old walking/biking route to my grandparents’ house on John Street, which went through St. Joe’s parking lot. The snow banks surrounding Jesus were higher than my head but he must have “risen” that morning because he was above them. (It was March but not Easter.)

We stayed at the Hotel Ojibway that weekend because the moomincabin was closed for the season and Command Central (The Comm’s house on Dillon) was not sold yet but it was completely empty. At one point the ever frugal (except when he’s not) GG asked me if I wanted to open the house up again so we could “camp” there. No no no no no! I do not. We’re DONE with that house and the Hotel Ojibway is not gonna break the bank. (It was a good house, I just wanted that chapter to be over.)

There wasn’t as much “he is risen” on Facebook today as there usually is. But an in-law shared an old pic with the caption, “He is risen and he has poop in his pants.” The pic was of one of our great-nephews when he was a baby, standing up in his crib not looking all that happy. How old is that kid now? 12 maybe? Talented skier and footballer and probably a bunch of stuff I don’t even know about. Time flies and I enjoyed the humor.

We aren’t exactly observing Easter but any excuse to get together and “party”, right? Beach urchins and friends are here, a faaaar is in the faaarplace, and sliced honey-baked ham is heating along with some friends. I soooo wish local asparagus was available here in March. One year (2012) people were able to harvest asparagus in March. This year, I’m serving asparagus from Chile or somewhere. I dunno why but asparagus seems like an Easter veggie to me.

Whether you observe/celebrate Easter or not, cheers!

One Response to “Jesus snows, Jesus snows, Jesus snows”

  1. Margaret Says:

    We had Thai take out for Easter. I’m not only seeing “He is Risen” which I normally do but “The tomb is empty.” I don’t remember that one from previous years. Sigh.