Today was fraught with all kinds of frenetic activity around here. The good news was the GG took a whole bunch of crapola off to a donation center and they took it ALL! YIPPEE YI-OH KI-YAY!

Earthquake in New York and/or New Jersey today? We didn’t feel it here although we occasionally feel earthquakes. The one I remember the most is when my first beach urchin was a baby. Glass things in the Landfill were rattling/vibrating and at first I thought a big truck was going by on Maple. But the rattling/vibrating kept on going. Eventually I figured out it was an earthquake.

When I was 10, Radical Betty was living in Alaska with her family including my beloved cousins UKW and the Grinch. Their dad (Duke) was stationed there in the Air Force. I got up one Saturday morning and turned on the TV to watch the Saturday morning cartoons, like I did every Saturday morning at 8:00 AM. Instead of cartoons, the screen lit up with “Anchorage is a sea of fire!” I started screaming, which got my parents outta bed pretty dern quick.

Well of course Anchorage was not a “sea of fire” but that was a serious earthquake. My cousins and their parents survived the earthquake unscathed but if I have it right did not have running water, etc., for a while. The Grinch was in the horsepittle with a broken leg (skiing maybe?) when the earthquake happened and Duke (who was in his room at the time of the earthquake) recalled his bed “taxi-ing” around the room. Duke was a career Air Force pilot.

I am done for tonight. Love y’all. KW.

P.S. I am done but other people are still frenetic…

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  1. Pooh Says:

    We walked out of our fitness class, and immediately saw a text from Dan, saying he and Britt were fine after the earthquake. Earthquake!?!? We quickly looked up earthquake today, and found out where it was and how bad it was. Oddly enough, the first reports said the epicenter was Tewksbury NJ, which is where we had pulled off for gas and our last driver switch before driving into greater NYC. The gas station was not right off the highway, but a mile or so away, on the outskirts of town. It was a small, old-fashioned station, with a work crew. I asked if the restrooms were open. One of the workers pointed to some stairs on the side of the station. “Go down the stairs and turn left”. So I did, and there was a porty-potty! Well, not my first rodeo, so I used it, and came back up the stairs. As I passed Mark, I said, loud enough to be overheard, “Make sure you don’t pee in the purse holder!” (The punch line to an old joke about Porta-Potties.)