Not quiiiite green yet

You can still see through “our” woods to the schoolyard. I can see buses lining up to drop off/pick up kids through the woods. There is a lot of green on our bushes but the big trees in the woods (oaks I think mostly) have yet to sprout anything I can see. Which doesn’t mean they aren’t sprouting.

So what do we do when we belong to families with divided political opinions. I mean when we are together and people insist on talking about politicians and issues we ABHOR (Orange Baboon, etc.). At the Hoton Lake group home (a long time ago when the Orange Baboon was new and shiny fugly and baggy), I was hanging out in the Lyme Lounge one evening and one of my loverly sister-out-laws texted me from the Mother Cabin with something like how do I stop the talk? I didn’t know how to stop the talk so I think I invited her to visit me in the Lyme Lounge. You can have some whine out here with a kindred spirit.

This out-law once labeled me “the family liberal”. The story that led to that label is NSFW but cracked me up because, well, I have ALWAYS been liberal about social issues. Fer kee-reist, live and let live. But I am kind of a fiscal conservative. Except that I DO NOT IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM agree with the MEANness that the MAGAts have brought on. My republican-voting parents would not have liked it either. “Welfare queens” are few and far between. Most poor people just don’t have any goddamn bootstraps to pull themselves up with. Kudos to those who do and those folks should hand some of their damn bootstraps down to someone else. As we all should. My bootstraps are several generations old. And I strongly believe that most people are not trying to game the system.

Okay, I don’t know how I got off on that tangent.

Tax Day. Hahaha. A few people at the morning standup were sounding a little panicked. Our taxes were done a while back and the refund is in the bank. Yes it’s a refund this year. That isn’t always true…

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Having a safe word isn’t a bad idea–if it’s respected by all parties that is. I’m nowhere near as liberal as my older daughter or my dad, but I’m certainly left leaning. The meanness gets to me to and that diversity, respect for differences, and kindness have become negatives. 🙁