“Good morning America, how are you?”

THIS was in the grocery store parking lot this morning. Actually it wasn’t in Plum’s lot exactly. It was in the greater Maple Village lot in an area that is almost always totally empty and mainly used for driver’s license testing and things like popup fireworks tents. “Pave paradise, put up a parking lot.”

This is not the best pic but I approached this vee-hickle very tentatively. Is there anyone in it? It didn’t look like there was anyone in the cab but who knows who might be in the cargo hold or whatever you call it. I’m not really sure what kind of vee-hickle this is or why it’s here. Maybe it’s a bus? And is it legal to park in what I think is a private parking lot overnight? If indeed it was parked there overnight. I do not know. So I kept a bit of distance.

I shot this pic over to MMCB and MMCB2 opined that whoever parked the vee-hickle in a parking lot on the Planet Ann Arbor had a lot of nerve. This is not a city where the Orange Baboon has a lot of supporters but they do exist and if you drive 10 minutes out into the county, you may encounter huge Trump signs. At least I did in 2016. In 2020, I saw a lot of “Bye Don” signs and this year, I haven’t seen a lot of signs at all. Are people totally fed up? I am.

But not too fed up to not vote or to vote “uncommitted”. I do not and haven’t EVER seen the appeal the Orange Baboon has to people in our country. I could make a long list but I won’t (today anyway). I didn’t like him when he was a “businessman” and I didn’t like him when he was a “reality TV star”. I laughed at his abortive attempt to run for president back in 2012 but he ended up having the last laugh. I didn’t vote for him in 2016 or 2020 and I will NOT vote for him in 2024. He is a grifter who doesn’t care about ANYONE except himself. My opinion is that we need to keep him out of the presidency and any other kind of political role.

So I WILL vote for Biden again.

If you want to park a bus in my neighborhood, let it be the Bread & Puppet Circus bus. (Pic from March 2010.)

Title credit to Willie Nelson who, as near as I can get from Google, originally wrote the song. I have mostly heard Arlo Guthrie sing it. This is one of the songs that eased me into expanding my music horizons from esoteric classical and acid rock into country. (Although I still like those genres and STILL need to curate my own Spotify “helicopter music” playlist.)

One Response to ““Good morning America, how are you?””

  1. Margaret Says:

    Biden has lost a lot of support in the young community because of the Gaza-Israel situation. I worry a lot about that. I’m not a one issue voter but many people are on both sides of the aisle.