Mixin’ it up

The next door neighbors are building a garage and the last two days have been NOISY here! And hot but that isn’t related to the garage.

Tuesday they were breaking up whatever concrete was at the top of the existing driveway. Today a cement mixer drove up. Twice. Once in the morning and again in the afternoon. So it was almost too noisy for even someone like me to concentrate. Not to mention hot. I was thinking I could turn on the whole house fan but that would be just about as noisy as the cement truck. Or the central A/C but that would mean I would have to close the doors and windows… In the end I bagged off work a bit early and headed out to the back yard where there it was cooler and I was sheltered from the noise. There were insects though. Not nasty biting ones, just minuscule little buggies that I would find crawling on my skin.

I am not in ANY WAY complaining about the noise. Our neighborhood was built in the late 50s/early 60s and I think most of the garages were probably built after the houses were. I imagine the developers of that day and age were thinking “those people don’t need no stinkin’ garage”. Today their counterparts seem to think people in need of affordable housing would enjoy living on the 14th floor of some behemoth. I don’t have the answers to conundrums like this. Only opinions. One of them being that I don’t think real estate developers are necessarily the appropriate people to come up with plans for affordable housing. Not without a LOT of requirements and oversight. And input from prospective buyers.

But I am NOT complaining about the noise. Our neighbors are very nice folks and if they want a garage, I’m glad they are able to afford to build one, not to mention get around whatever city building codes apply. I’m guessing the GG is a bit envious of this new garage. We don’t have one. When we bought the house I don’t think we felt “rich” enough to build one. Besides which, it would end up (I think) taking up part of our back yard. Which I don’t want.

He has the run of the moomincabin garage, in which he often holds court with anyone coming along the road.

Ramble ramble. Takeouts from El Harissa tonight, with the beach urchins, in the back yard.

One Response to “Mixin’ it up”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s a very futuristic mixer; is it from Mars? Ours are the standard looking type. Old school. I lived the first 10 years of my marriage without a garage and was excited to get one in my then new house.