Karma or covfefe?

Today’s notable news event isn’t quite as memorable as the day JFK was shot or the day the Trade Centers fell. It was notable enough that I will probably remember it anyway. I was driving home from the lovely little farmers market at the Bay Mills Indian Community on a beautiful sunny afternoon.

First, the caveats. I well know that the Trump guilty guilty guilty guilty to all charges verdict does not mean that Trump will lose the next presidency. It doesn’t mean that he’ll wear an orange jump suit. It’ll no doubt rally his “base” to support him. We’re not done yet and we have a long way to go.

What felt good to me was that somebody *finally* called him out on something. It always seems that no matter what he says or does, he gets a “get out of jail free” card. That’s in quotes because you can’t really put somebody in jail just because they say and do totally idiotic, irresponsible, and often dangerous things. But he has done some outrageously awful things and you interview people in a barber shop, say, and the owner says something like, “Trump has his wild side but I like his policies and he at least tried to help small businesses.” POLICIES? Whut? And who did he ever try to help except himself? But let’s go there some other day.

People sometimes compare Trump to Richard Nixon but I don’t see a comparison. Nixon did some horrible things but in the end, he resigned without whining and crying about how unfair it all was. The big orange toddler has been doing this throughout his whole trial and any other time someone challenges him. DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert on Nixon. I was barely of voting age then and not all that politically aware.

I got home this afternoon and listened to some of the news commentary and analysis and then I put my Smartwool leggings on and headed down to the beach for a bit. The MOE-skee-TOES were oot and aboot but they didn’t really bother me.

P.S. My 🐭 reminded me that today is the 7th anniversary of the night Trump tweeted a partial sentence that ended with “covfefe”.

P.P.S I have decided that I will no longer (usually) refer to Donald J. Trump as “The Orange Baboon” on my blahg. I am thinking about Harry Potter here in which people at Hogwarts called Voldemort “he who cannot be named” (or something like that). Harry decided his enemy needed to be named. Trump is my enemy (not that he knows or cares) and he is the enemy of every US citizen, including his “base”. Do not vote for him.

One Response to “Karma or covfefe?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    He is the enemy of many factions of society like the poor, women, minorities etc. but even some of them don’t see it. We’re already losing freedoms, seeing book banning, possible restrictions on contraception and who knows what the GOP plans are for Social Security and Medicare? They have been clear that they intend to dismantle many systems that have been a bedrock of this country. But I digress…I would vote for my CAT over He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named.