Sunset Alert

I was in the Water Closet. I was washing my feet, which I do every evening, especially when I’ve been going barefoot. I usually go barefoot here but I’ve been wearing Smartwool socks a lot during this trip. Why? Because it’s C-C-C-COLD!

So I was in the Water Closet and the GG yelled my name! I don’t really like my name (Anne). Among other things, it sounds like a buzzer when someone yells it. But okay. What the heck do you want? I am in the bathroom!

It turned out to be a Sunset Alert. And even though I have taken umpteen bazillion pictures of the sunset here, this one was worth putting on my socks again and heading down to the beach to get a pic.

The moominbeach faces northwest and when we’re near the summer solstice, the sun sets pretty much directly in front of us so here ya go.

When I was a child here, on evenings when the “seas” were calm, the setting sun would make a golden path across our bay and I would imagine walking across the water on that path to, well, I don’t remember where but some kind of fairyland, probably. (Or maybe the Mackinac Bridge, which is in totally the wrong direction.)

2 Responses to “Sunset Alert”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That view is worth the yell! Wow, it’s stunning.

  2. Pamela W Jones Says:

    Nice! And the last 2 days’ shots were just as nice.

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