Gully washer, much needed

I was just about to go out and water my flowers this morning at 0-skunk-30. It had been a few days. They were looking fine but I knew I would need to get back into the habit if we didn’t get significant rain soon. I had no idea what the weather forecast was. Before I headed out the door, I decided to turn on the radio. They were talking about severe storms and power outages. I didn’t catch where but it sounded like a “local” weather report so somewhere in southern lower Michigan.

I looked at the sky (again). I looked at weather apps. We seemed to be at the very bottom tippy tip of rain storms although it was NOT raining. I decided to wait for a bit and see if it rained or not. I like to water flowers early in the morning. Long ago, a self-described “farm girl” I worked with told me if you water flowers/plants in the heat of the day, they get cooked. I dunno if that’s exactly true but somehow it makes sense to water things when they are not in full sunlight. I’m talking a few pots of impatiens, not trying to give farm crop advice.

BTW, I think I can be credited for giving my old co-worker a subtle tip about how she might turn her boyfriend into a fiance. (Go away for a bit.) I am not Ann Landers but in this case, I sussed things out correctly. It worked and I haven’t seen her in a bazillion years but their children have got to be through college and well launched into their adult lives by now. I hope she and her family are thriving.

Back to the weather… We got a good gully washer this morning. By the time it arrived I was about to head outside to commune with MMCB for our weekly “zoom” coffee. But then. Kaboom Kabaam. It went on for at least an hour. It was coming from Wisconsin, said the GG. In truth, there was a LOT of thunder but nothing severe. What there was, was a lot of was rain! Which we needed. And it was COOOOOL in the Landfill for the first time in I dunno 10 days?

The photo is one my mouse sent me, Likely from the Plum parking lot early this morning. With permission, although I think any pic she sends me is okay to post. I do draw the line at pics of people.

One Response to “Gully washer, much needed”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I think we’re supposed to get some rain Thursday. I will water tomorrow just in case. The plants in pots dry out SO quickly!