“Don’t do anything that causes us to have to bail you out of jail”

That was Amazon Woman (my then boss) the day I emailed her to say something like, “I am covid positive today and I’m taking a mental health day. I am fine. I have TWO symptoms, mild cough and EXTREME ANNOYANCE.” The annoyance was at the GG who ABSOLUTELY brought the virus home from an “I don’t need no stinkin’ mask” trip. One during which he hugged a hiking acquaintance he encountered on the trail who had “it’s just a cold” symptoms. In the middle of the initial omicron surge? Nope. I don’t think so.

In the end, I did not kill The GG last night. We went to sleep happy and are pretty much back to the usual silent political impasse. I was doing laundry this morning and the dryer notified me that the sheets were done while I was in a meeting. The GG happily went down to retrieve them, then made the bed. That is all modus operandi around here. When you are one of 10 siblings, doing laundry and making beds is not “women’s work”. If you want your own clothes returned to you from the laundry, you learn to do your own laundry. (Disclaimer: This is NOT to dis my mother-in-law. She raised a great family and helped many neighborhood kids out along the way. And she wasn’t bad at laundry but I doubt it was her top priority.)

I had to laugh though. My blahg was not accessible for a while today. When a blahggy friend notified me, I jokingly said that maybe my husband had sabotaged it. But not. The GG does not have the access required to do anything to my blahg. Er, I can’t remember if he has my password or not but I am not really worried about him destroying my blahg. Plus he doesn’t read it regularly so maybe he hasn’t even read yesterday’s.

Administrivia… If my blahg goes away, it will come back. One of the little perks in my life is that my blahg host is not one of the public platforms where you have to set up your own blahg (I have done that and know how painful it can be). My host is The Guru and The Guru is a friend in real life. When the server goes down (which is probably what happened today but who knows), he knows about it and if he is not somewhere he can’t access the internet, he is working on it. So I don’t have to notify some underpaid, uncaring tech support person. And I didn’t notify The Guru today because I knew he had my [blahg’s] back.

Now. If The Guru ever decides to retire from this thankless “job”, I will be in the same swamp as everybody else. Typepad? WordPress? For now though, Thank you!

Fen pic by mouse.

One Response to ““Don’t do anything that causes us to have to bail you out of jail””

  1. Margaret Says:

    You are indeed back! Typepad isn’t a viable option these days. It’s on its way out and I’ll have to join my other friends at WordPress (perhaps Blogger) or quit writing entirely.