A/C on? Check.

Thunderstorms overnight and this morning cooled us off for a while. Then, when I wasn’t paying attention, the temperature shot up into the 80s and all of that moisture evaporating from the storms left us in a sticky swamp. I hadn’t really been paying attention but at one point, the GG announced that he was going to turn the A/C on. Realizing that he was right, I did not argue. We were working on packing to leave tomorrow and needed the coooooool in order to function. I don’t know how we managed all those years without central A/C even though we don’t often turn it on now.

Did the next door neighbors bring their new baby home today? We think so but we did not see when they arrived so we did not see how many people got out of the vee-hickle. We did NOT go next door to ask or visit. Although they are very nice and friendly, about the last thing I would ever do is intrude on a pair of new parents with their two-day-old baby.

We had a bit of a happy hour in our back yard this afternoon/evening, with pizza from Anthony’s. Thankfully almost all of it was eaten, something the GG and I would never do by ourselves and I frequently have to throw out leftover pizza when I make it because it doesn’t get eaten in a timely manner.

We have robins nesting again and that reminded me that my photo memories showed me that four years ago today, I was sitting outside at the end of my workday when this baby robin fluttered down from its nest, a few feet away from me. A fledgling. I watched it “dance” with one of its parents until I lost track of them. (Don’t look at the garlic mustard.)

I begged off watching a Fargo episode tonight. I wanted to be outside in my yard watching the faaarflies. We’ll be up and out on the early side tomorrow and I will need to focus to finish packing. I don’t have a lot left to pack. I like to travel light. But still.

A higgledy-piggledy entry but that’ll have to do. G’night.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m jealous of the fireflies (we don’t have them) but not of the high humidity. After I watered plants and lawn thoroughly yesterday, it rained. I’m happy about that, but my timing (and the weather report) was definitely OFF.

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