(Ugh Ugh Ugh)2

I’ve been told it’s No Politics Day. Even though it isn’t. No Politics Day is in January. But there’s so much soup in my baggy old brain, I couldn’t write about today’s events if I tried. I will say I feel like we are tipping into Handmaid’s Tale Land. And I am NOT just talking about reproductive rights.

I had a Market Assistant for my Meijer (big box grocery) run this morning. I like to do solo grock runs but I grudgingly accepted the offer. First, if I had a driver, I could work on my daily word puzzles in the car. Also, as it turned out he was helpful. I could not find yeast to save my life. I thought it was in one of the refrigerated sections but not. He found it by the flour. He did NOT find Boar’s Head sandwich dressing but that’s because they don’t carry it. I got everything else (I think) but it was handy to have someone to run around for stray items. I like to get IN and OUT of the grock store and don’t like when I have to traverse the store a bazillion times to find something. The staff is friendly and helpful and I’m not timid about asking for help but it’s a big store and there’s not always someone right where you need them if you are looking for something.

I went through the only open cashiered lane today. There was no one ahead of me in line (and I woulda gone through it anyway). I am a Uscan ninja but I had much more stuff than usual and the Meijer cashiers and their baggers are like WHOOOOOSH! I would tip them if I could but I did thank them rather profusely. Grocery workers have a hard job and need to be paid more.

After “co-working” for the day, the beach urchin and I decamped to the moominbeach to read for a bit. When the sun went over the yardarm, I came up to fix the refrigerator and get dinner (American Mom Chicken Shwarma) in the oven and the beach urchin channeled Grandroobly by sweeping the deck.

Reading? “Huckleberry Finn”, if you care to know. I have “James” on my TBR and figgered it would be good to revisit Huck first. Of course, I read Huck Finn in high school or thereabouts and remember almost nothing about it except for Huck and Jim and a RAFT. Good thing I am re-reading it.

Quiet Celtic music on the pod to chill us all out a bit. This Scottish gal (79% according to Ancestry) is loving it 🐽

One Response to “(Ugh Ugh Ugh)2

  1. Margaret Says:

    Every day I become more frightened and discouraged. Enough politics for today though. We’re talking about reading “James” in Book Club. Re-reading Huck Finn is a great idea.