The answer to life, the universe, and everything

So today. First thing I dropped the GG off at Gladys Crossing for a bug-filled hike from the moomin to the Soo. I continued on to Meijer where…

I was talking to myself while navigating my cart between another customer’s cart and a Meijer stocking kind of cart. “Can I get through here? Yes, I can!” A friendly produce worker engaged me in conversation, telling me that this week was the Soo Meijer’s biggest week EVER! I was apparently lucky to be oot and aboot on the early side although 9:00 AM is not really early for me.

Back to the moomin to prep dinner for today’s anniversary event. Filet, mashed potatoes, broccoli, and corn on the cob.

Back to town to meet up with the GG at Wicked Sister, a great lunch as always. Then. Back AGAIN to the moomin where the GG took a nap in the back bedroom.

Cousins began arriving at the Old Cabin almost immediately after we pulled in from our lunch trip. More are expected tonight and tomorrow.

Porterized for a happy hour, hearing far-away thunder. It was way out in Whitefish Bay and turned out to be a “plassover”. A “plassover” is a storm that looks very threatening but goes by to the north of the moominbeach across Whitefish Bay. The Commander and Radical Betty used to call those “passovers” but one day they’d had a wee bit more of a beer lunch than usual and RB turned it into a “plassover”.

The earlier storm (in the pic) did turn out to be a plassover but we may still get some stuff tonight.

Via my mouse, who is checking The Landfill, MY BALLOT HAS ARRIVED! YAY! Mail has been so crazy lately I was a bit worried about that.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Bugs, yuck! We’re going camping in a couple weeks and then again in August and I’m worried about that–since we’ll be in woods. You’ve been busy, but it sounds like good kinds of activities!