Radical Betty Weekend!!

betty04I am at the Green Guy Cafe awaiting further marching orders from Uber Kayak Woman so this will be short, as if anything I ever write is short. Click the pic for more photooos. These are all from the last few years of her life. As you can see, she was anything but sedentary. This was true even throughout the last year of her life, during which she refused invasive treatment for cancer. Yes, that is oxygen (“smart gas” as some folks called it) in some of the last photos. She was “on” oxygen throughout her last summer. IF — and that was a BIG IF — anyone could catch up to her long enough to attach it to her. That is all for now. I guess it was short. I still don’t have my thoughts sorted out. Click here or on the pic for more. Cameo appearances of UKW, Mouse, Bugs, and The Commander.


One Response to “Radical Betty Weekend!!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    She looks like quite a character!