Happy again

I posted this plant a few weeks ago and she was looking a little sad. I am not a good plant mom from the get-go but I was doing pretty well with this cute little one and I am pretty attached to her. But then we were gone for over two weeks and I forgot to engage a plant sitter to check up on her.

I asked a beach urchin if she would temporarily adopt my little plant. She is good at nurturing plants and has a number of them and I knew she would know how to care for mine. Yes yes yes! And look how well she is doing! Thanks to L and C for taking care of her!

In other news, we had another foghorn morning with a little (I mean a *little*) rain and moderate northwest wind with temperatures in the 60s all day. Good day to work from the moominbeach and I worked on an archaeological dig ALL day. My “local” NPR station is in mid-Michigan and I knew there were rainstorms around that area but I didn’t really think about the Planet Ann Arbor, even though the folks at my morning stand-up meeting were talking about them. Out of sight, out of mind?

Today’s rain (in Ann Arbor, not at the moominbeach) was undoubtedly an artifact of Hurricane Beryl. We had a similar phenomenon after Hurricane Ike but I was *on* The Planet Ann Arbor for that one. It is the only time our basement has ever gotten the slightest bit damp and it also set a smoke alarm off a few times.

So the next bit is a little odd. The GG noticed that the webcam at the Landfill had stopped working, indicating a probable power failure. I looked it up on the DTE app (lucky-shucky/gas utility down there) and it wasn’t clear whether there was an outage at the Landfill or not. I am not a fan of the latest upgrade to the app’s interface but we won’t go there because boring and even though I do user experience design for a living, I’m not sure I could’ve done a better job 🐽

Anyway, I opened up my laptop to write my blahg and checked my email and voila! There was an email from DTE telling me that that our METER had notified them that power had been restored. Since I didn’t even know the power went out, I had not notified them. I am pretty sure the DTE app isn’t lying to me because I haven’t seen umpteen bazillion complaints on Next Door Neighbor about power outages. At any rate, there isn’t anything in the freezer we can’t afford to lose. What remains of the precious peas I shelled in my own back yard are here in the moomincabin freezer. Next year I am gonna buy twice as many peas.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Indoor plants are my nemesis! It can be difficult to find out info about power outages. My app is supposed to tell me when the power is back on but never does. I only realize it because everything is working.

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