Moominbeach Sailboat Towing Service

beach01Too busy to blahg here on the morning of our celebration of Radical Betty’s life. How many people will show up? Will we have the right amount of food? We don’t know. Family members who can’t attend, we are thinking of you. If you have anything you want someone to say at the celebration, you can email it to me. We have had some of the best weather of the entire summer this weekend, too calm for sailing, as you can see. Click here or on the photo for a few more. Mostly sunsets and one beautiful foggy moonset. Gotta go. Commander Grandmoose is makin’ bacon. Seeya later.


One Response to “Moominbeach Sailboat Towing Service”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That weather does look beautiful, as I sit here listening to it pour outside. 🙁 Hope the celebration of her life goes well and many memories are shared and enjoyed.