Keepin’ up with an octo! (pant, pant)

spiderweb.jpgSheesh! On NPR this afternoon, there was a discussion about people having babies when they’re in their 40s and 50s. I have a lot of mixed feelings about that and one of them is that some of those parents have got to be exhausted. I was a very young, energetic 30 when I had Lizard and Mouse came along a couple years later. That was a perfect age for me. On the flip side (sort of) of all that, here I am hanging around with The Commander this week and I think keeping up with an octogenarian can be every bit as exhausting as chasing after a toddler! She may not move quite as fast as a little kid but we are doing anything but sitting around on our you-know-whats. Nosiree! Lemme see, we’ve only been here two full days and so far:

  • Monday: Monday coffee with Marci and *her* mom (also visiting) at Barry’s. Video Source to get an ancient Russian VHS tape converted to DVD. Gasoline. Macy’s. Chico’s. Talbot’s. Panera. Kroger.
  • Tuesday: Kalamazoo, early, for a quick breakfast with Mouse at the Crow’s Nest. Side trip to the graveyard (Fort Custer National Cemetery) to visit Charlotte’s grave on the way home. And no, The Commander did not leave her purse there. Back to Macy’s to look for a necklace lost there yesterday. Found, wonder of wonders! Video Source to pick up DVD. Joann Fabrics (the big one out on Carpenter) for bathing suit fabric. Trader Joe’s.

Severe storm watch this afternoon, lightning alarms are going off and lights are flickering. Still on the schedule for this week: another graveyard, Royal Oak, Knight’s, visitors from Grand Blanc, maybe Williamston (fabric store), maybe a return trip to Trader Joe (overwhelming on a first visit). Back up north on Sunday. Sincerely yours, Boomerang Woman.

P.S. I forgot to post one set of pictures from the beach. On Thursday morning, the day Aimée left for Maine, we took a sunrise walk around on the rocks in a beautiful light fog. Click here or on the pic for slides.

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