You guys, can we talk? (aka Yeek!)

Early in life at The Landfill, we had a little black and white Zenith, vintage 1960s. And a nice, new Sony Trinitron. You would think that would be plenty of TV sets. We even watched TV sometimes back in those days. I was partial to Dallas. Who did shoot JR, anyway? I don’t remember. Come to think of it, we had some of those little Fisher Price people around in those days and there was one with a big white 10-gallon hat that the newly talking baby Lizard called “JR.” Bet she doesn’t remember that!

Anyway, for some odd reason, everybody and his cousin decided that our house would be a good dumping ground for old TVs. You know, a young, married couple with a new house and no money and all that rot. Bolette gave us one that smoked when we turned it on. I don’t really mind operating a landfill up to a point. But we have limited space here and I’m trying to get rid of stuff as it is, so if any new TVs come into this place, an old one has GOT to go!!!!! Except that it will *cost* us to dump it. This is The Planet Ann Arbor. I can’t just put trash out on the curb.

Frankly, I would just as soon watch DVDs on my 13″ screen Intel MacBook. With Sam the Archaeologist and a bucket of rotten tomatoes. 😉

2 Responses to “You guys, can we talk? (aka Yeek!)”

  1. Sam Says:

    Wha’??????????? And a couple pairs of those three-pack [name your favorite discount store here] spectacles, too, I suspect!

  2. webmomster Says:

    waaaaal – it still doesn’t cost anything to put a TV at the curb in the boomin’ town of The Big Empty, so if I haul one down, with the promise of hauling one (or more) dead ones back to put out at my curb, will ya take it?

    and….I’ll bet the Trash Pickers’ll snag up any TV that even *remotely* appears to work 😉