[insert clever title here]

mrgoatThere is one baby goat out at Jenny’s Farm Market this year. Not sure if he’ll be the only one or not. That’s not the Jenny’s Farm Market baby goat in the photo. That’s Billy Goat (dunno his real name). He is not very gruff but he does like to eat cameras. And probably just about anything/everything else. Jenny’s has some ducks too. When the baby goat gets a little too friendly with them, they quack him out of their space. Quackquack Quack!!!

By the time we got to Jenny’s, hmmm, lemme see, what had we already done… We (the GG and me) left the Landfill on foot at 6:45 AM, walked over to and through Bird Hills Park down to the river and then over along the river and tracks to the Northside Grill, where we met up with Mouse. It was maybe 8:15 by that time. Yes, those teenagers who sleep until noon or one or two do grow up and they are capable and sometimes eager to get up early. After breakfast, we headed out to Jenny’s and then the Dexter Cider Mill before home and chores and an expensive run walk to the Plum Market for just enough groceries to get us through until Wednesday night.

Not the most exciting day on the face of the planet, the Planet Ann Arbor anyway. That was okay with me. Rocket trips are getting to me so it was nice to be home for once. Although the ongoing Battle of the Thermostat was getting to me by the end of the day. Yesterday, a spouse-swap was offered to me on Facebook on the basis of where to set the thermostat. By a stranger. Or friend of a friend would probably be more accurate. Interesting use of Facebook. Spouse-swapping. Who’da thunk it. We partially solved the thermostat problem late this afternoon by replacing the screen in the storm door with glass. I guess it’s time. It may well be warm again but I think we’ll live without the screen. I can’t stand having the big wooden front door shut. No light gets in and it makes this place feel like a dungeon.

Anyway, work tomorrow (hi-ho!) and, er this afternoon too (ho-hum) and if my long-suffering, cat-herding boss doesn’t decide to chain me to my desk, I’ll be goin’ to San Francisco on Thursday morning. With flowers in my hair. I’ll be sure to wear them. Seeya there? (er, you can tell I don’t travel outside the Great Lake State very often, can’tcha?)

3 Responses to “[insert clever title here]”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Too hot/too cold? Husband and I both like fresh air, but he has a lot more limited comfort zone than I do. I can handle it colder and hotter!! I love SF and hope you’ll get some decent weather.

  2. GG Says:

    Spouse swap? What does she look like? Nah! I'[m a “steak at home” kinda guy.

  3. Paulette Says:

    f you’re going to San Francisco
    Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair
    If you’re going to San Francisco
    You’re gonna meet some gentle people there

    All across the nation such a strange vibration
    People in motion
    There’s a whole generation with a new explanation
    People in motion people in motion

    Scott McKenzie So OK. I looked up the lyrics.

    But then youtube has a link with a 45 rpm playing it. Yes millenialists! It’s groovy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n10ATr3crKI

    Have a great trip GG and Kayakwoman.