Get In, Sit Down, Hang On, & Shut Up

Bumper sticker on my new boyfriend’s pickup truck.

3 Responses to “Get In, Sit Down, Hang On, & Shut Up”

  1. Webmomster Says:


    And, is he rich??

  2. kayak woman Says:

    No photos but, yeah, he is really cute! Oooooollld coot with a ciggy hanging outta his mouth. Truck is about jeep’s age and goes about 15 mph.

  3. Green Guy Says:

    Every dinosaur knows that any vehicle bearing such a sticker should have tires as tall as a Honda Civic and the ability to snort down at least 10 gallons of the precious juice in 10 seconds therefore he is either rich or it is all a fabrication. Hi Grok!