Woodchuck faarrwood delivery on an otherwise drab weekend

courtoiscarWhen I landed (whomp) back in my work cube last Tuesday, after a magical* long weekend in San Francisco, a co-worker asked me how my weekend was. Well. It is hard for me to answer questions like that in general and especially after a weekend like that (sometimes I think I am an extremely high-functioning autistic person (Asperger’s anyone?) but that’d be a whole ‘nother blahg post or two or a hundred)! So I said that it was wonderful and fantastic and all that stuff. And then I asked him how his weekend was, a weekend that I *knew* had been spent on the Planet Ann Arbor going to Home Depot to look at toilet seats or whatever. No, he didn’t really go out to look for toilet seats but he said he’d had a “drab” weekend. I totally, utterly, absolutely cracked up!!! Man oh man, I was looking forward to a drab weekend. One that didn’t involve hiking up and down vertigo-inducing hills or riding a bicycle (!) across a large suspension bridge or riding in the back seat of Maggie on highway 1 between about Point Reyes and the Golden Gate. Cliffs? Yes! Yikes!

At that point (Tuesday morning), I was jet-lagging and I was looking forward to a nice, drab weekend. I love that term. Drab weekend. I don’t always get enough of those. Even though I go absolutely nuts when I am home and everyone is just haaannnngggging around.

So. This weekend? Yes it was drab. If you can ever call a weekend around here drab. The weather was actually gorgeous. Lots of walking, a bit more shopping than I would usually prefer. No toilet seat shopping, thank god. We’d’ve certainly been fighting about that. We replaced the Blue and Only Toilet Seat a few months ago.

Today? Hee hee hee! I dragged the jet-lagged (still) GG outta bed well before the sun came up to walk down to the river and over to the Northside Grill(e?) for breakfast. He crashed out after we came home and he was asleep when the faaarrrrwood that we ordered yesterday arrived. Mouse woke him up with, “the wood truck is here.” He grumbled something like “okay” and went back to sleep. It turned out that he thought we had said that a woodchuck was outside. But it wasn’t a woodchuck, it was the wood *truck*. And they delivered the wood and the GG and I stacked it. And that is about all. Like I said, it was drab.

* Magical just means how the heck did I get out to California and back in five days and, well, y’all have mostly traveled more often by jet-plane than I have so you know…

5 Responses to “Woodchuck faarrwood delivery on an otherwise drab weekend”

  1. Paulette Says:

    What is GG doing to the old Ford truck? ??? Did I miss something? ;0)

  2. Jay Says:

    I love walking in the morning and ending up at a breakfast joint.

  3. Sam Says:

    Wood truck; woodchuck? There’s a diff? –Road-weary in Boise

  4. mouse Says:

    Similar traits, not autistic. That’s the key.

  5. Margaret Says:

    Flight is magical all right. I remember how I felt after arriving in Africa–whoa. HEY, I shopped for toilet seats (and installed them) this weekend. Mundane is right!