No Diamonds, Please

The question came up, “What do you want to do?” Followed closely by, “What do you want?” The answers are, “I don’t know,” and, “nothing.” The questions came up because somehow or other, time has fast-forwarded to the point that the GG and I will have been married 25 years on July 3rd. I cannot figure out where the time went. I am not sure how we got through the seven-year itch. There has been one so-called mid-life crisis. It resulted in a vee-hickle that now features rusted out floorboards, a passenger side window that stops rolling up about three inches from the top, a dysfunctional gas gauge, several varieties of aminal bones, some with bits of skin still on them, and an old roll of toilet paper or two or three, not toilet paper that anyone would ever want to use for the intended purpose.

I do not know how to process the idea of 25 years. I feel like I have accomplished so little in my life so far. I don’t know what to do to celebrate a milestone anniversary. We don’t usually do much about our anniversaries. We’re usually hanging around with one family or another celebrating the 4th of July holiday. More often than not, I forget it’s July 3rd until maybe halfway through it. We spent our 23rd and 24th doing various funeral-related duties. Heaven forbid that we have to do that a third year in a row. Stay healthy and safe, y’all! Or I’ll kill you!

I can kind of remember when The Commander and Grandroobly celebrated their 25th. A bunch of the usual bank party aminals came out to the cabin and, over a couple of cocktails or three or whatever, they conjured up an alternate universe where Grandroobly was the president of the United States. The Commander was called Francesbird and the friends all had “bird” attached to their names too, Harrietbird and the like. Yeeeee-hee-hee-heee! They had a good old time! 😈

But I am stumped. So I thought it would be fun to put together a little web survey and ask people what they think we should do to celebrate our anniversary. So click here to do a fun little Zoomerang survey! It’s short, too! grok grok

P.S. I can’t write this without noting that the last 25th anniversary celebration I attended was my brother’s. Or *would* have been my brother’s if he had managed to survive that long. He didn’t quite make it and the 24th was his last. But we didn’t let the 25th go by. We joined Karen and their kids at a rib joint somewhere up in Grand Blanc and whooped it up pretty good. Rest in peace wherever you are, bro’.

8 Responses to “No Diamonds, Please”

  1. Kathy Farnell Says:

    If Bill is really stumped on what to get you – besides diamonds – He coud do what my thoughtful husband did. He got me the “new” kind of laundry basket. It had a cut out on one side so you could rest it on your hip easier than the traditional ones. The crazy thing is he was serious! He really thought that that thing was going to make life easier for me. I thnk he took me out for dinner too. I got him one of those Black & Decker snake lights that make it easier to see what you are cooking on the grill at night. Oh yes. The 25th year is the only year we really exchanged gifts I think. I can’t remember any other years. (Don’t forget to chck out Sheila’s Beads) Love, Kathy

  2. Webmomster Says:

    …are there any “rib joints” up around the Cabin??? Or shall we just plan on makin’ them ourselves at Chez Fin?

  3. kayak woman Says:

    Kathy: you have me laughing out loud! Liz took another kind of newfangled laundry basket to college her freshman year, one of those collapsible ones. We were having so much fun at Bed Bath and Beyond. It collapsed permanently within a few months and we replaced it with the old-fashioned kind. I check out Sheila’s site pretty frequently. I am *very* impressed with her work, especially some of the more recent pieces she’s posted. imnpho (in my not particularly humble opinion), she’ll be featured in Bead & Button Mag one o’ these days. Or Beadwork. Both good mags.

    Webmomster: Even if there was a rib joint up at the Cabin, I’d honestly rather do dinner at the cabin. And, if the GG agrees, I think we have our plans for our 25th 🙂 Note that I’m still interested in the survey results and haven’t checked them tonight as I’ve been off to a (yikes) networking event w/ Sandy.

  4. jane Says:

    diamonds? puh-leez. put that money towards something fun! (unless you want a diamond ring… but I’ve known you a long time and the mere idea just seems wrong.)

  5. isa Says:

    diamonds are a crime against humanity.

  6. kayak woman Says:

    Just to make sure y’all know, I am definitely *not* interested in receiving any kind of diamond gift for this anniversary or any other occasion. Or non-occasion. Just for fun, I do enjoy wearing *very* fake diamond-looking bracelets, the kind that cost $5 and fall apart after a couple months. Actually, if I can ever dredge up the right bead mag issue, I think I’ll *make* some stretchy crystal “tennis” bracelets.

    One of my favorite anniversary gifts ever (I *think* it was an anniv gift) was a nice wool Hudson Bay blanket. Pendleton Chief Joseph blankets are another fave.

    But seriously, I’m not in the market for *any* kind of material goods at the moment. I’m trying to downsize. 🙂

  7. Mark Says:

    25 years, hmmm? How about going to a CSC xmas party?

  8. l4827 Says:

    25. Wow. Congrat’s. We’re only part-timers with 4 on the 7th. :-). Go Blue! (towles)