Just don’t try skating until the drugs wear off and don’t forget to wear your tricycles

yellowflowerI won’t say who that was directed to. Maybe it was directed to a couple of people. It is an especially bad thing to try skating under the influence of anesthesia if you haven’t skated since you were about five.

Yes. Today was a rather bizarre day. I have a quiet little job on most days. Except when it’s not. Quiet that is. It wasn’t very quiet today. Tomorrow I have to spend almost the whole day (or at least it seems that way, it’s really only three hours) sitting in the hot seat while people review my stuff. And “stuff” is all you are going to get here. It’s okay. It’ll be fun! Yes. It will be fun. I used to hate to do presentations and run meetings and stuff. It still isn’t the most fun thing I have to do in life but I *can* do it. I can even be funny if I need to be. I think. At least in the closed environment that I have to do these things. I’m sure it would be scarier if I were in a large venue with a whole bunch of people I’d never met. Tomorrow? It’ll be fun. Knock wood. Big time.

Someday I will get around to writing about some of the crazier or weirder days I had at my old job working for a government contractor over there at the EPA. I quit that (beloved) job in 1994, so I think I am pretty much past all of the statutes of limitations about blahgging about your job in that case. That doesn’t mean that I would ever think about slandering any person I used to work with. My focus at that job ended up being to try to make things better for all parties involved. To try to cut through whatever computer processing problems our customers encountered and fix them. I taught myself Fortran on that job in order to figure out some of the issues. I did a lot of stuff later on but my main function in that office was always to be a backup for fixing production-type problems. In that venue, I NEVER had to lead big meetings. I only dealt with folks through a window or over the phone as a go-to gal back in that day who could actually fix your problem. Fast! Things are different over there these days. I don’t have a code to get into Operations over there any more. And that’s okay.

Blathering. Miss that job sometimes. But love my current job…

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