Isn’t the sun over the yardarm yet?

It’s kind of been one of those days and both Mouse and I managed to make separate trips to the grocery store. Mouse had oranges on her list but when she got home, she found that she had accidentally bought grapefruits instead. Go figure. So I got dispatched *back* to the grocery store to get oranges. I got to Kroger and although I didn’t like the look of the oranges, I grabbed a bag anyway. I hemmed and hawed and loitered around for a few minutes, then decided to try looking at Arbor Farms down the street instead. I put the oranges back and threw my basket on top of a tall, precarious looking stack of baskets and headed out to my vee-hickle, which was parked all the way out at the end of the lot, of course. When I got there, I felt a little naked. (Grok grok, didya have yer shorts on inside out agin, ya Ol’ Bag? grok grok) Just a minute. [No Froggy, I did *not* have my shorts on inside out again.] Sorry about that. Anyway, what I was missing was my *purse*!!! I *ran* back inside the store. Phew, my basket was still teetering on top of the stack. Unfortunately, no purse. I tried not to panic. Where could it be? Did I put it back with the bag of oranges? Yes!!! And there it was. Intact. Grok grok. Stoopid Ol’ Baggy! Grok grok! [Froggy, shut up!] Sorry about that little outburst. Anyway, I went on to Arbor Farms, where the oranges didn’t really look much better, in fact, a couple of clerks were arguing about whether to dump the juice oranges or not. Probably it’s not orange season but I am not my mother so I don’t know stuff like that. I bought some anyway and I am home now and I’m not going out again if I can avoid it. And what time does the sun go over the yardarm, again?

6 Responses to “Isn’t the sun over the yardarm yet?”

  1. isa Says:

    you need one of those clocks like at houghton lake where every number is a five…

  2. Frooggy Says:

    Grok hic! Hey, Smokie, gimme another frog swaller. GroOk grok. With a Listereen chaser! Grok groOk fRgrok hic grokgrokgrokGROK!!!

  3. Sam Says:

    Speaking of citrus variants, one of my faves when we’re in Mexico are pomelos, which look like huge grapefruit. For juice, tangerine is tip-top!

  4. kayak woman Says:

    I’ve seen pomelos around here occasionally, especially at Whole Foods. Not sure if I’ve ever tried one. There were tangerines in both stores and I even considered a box of clementines at one point but those seem to be the best around Christmas. I’ve found that when I buy them later in the winter, they mold a lot faster. Not enough people around here to eat ’em up quick.

  5. Webmomster Says:

    I wasn’t terribly impressed by the pomelos (pummelos?) I’ve purchased around here – a lot of $$, a lot of rind & “white stuff”, not much inside.

    As for “when’s the sun over the yardarm”?? At this house, probably not till either late Friday evening or sometime Saturday afternoon…we have an open house to set up and clean up for and all that… at least we’re doing munchies and not “real food” for the party part. And an “Edible Arrangement” that’ll probably weigh a few significant pounds… but it’ll be nummy & beeyoooo-ti-ful! (better be, for the price!!)

  6. Kathy Farnell Says:

    It’s five o’clock somewhere.