Aristocratic spoiled brats vs. all the rest of us poverty-stricken drones and slackers

The latest topic of conversation on The Marquis’s email chat-list has involved everybody’s favorite email subject line, Paris Hilton. If I had a dime for every email I’ve received with some variation of “Paris Hilton sex tape,” I’d, well, you know, I wouldn’t be a poverty-stricken slacker. I’ve been deleting them since back in the days of the strawberry iMac. Paris Hilton is about the last subject I ever thought I’d be discussing on my blahg but, well *really*!

I won’t try to repeat the whole chat-list conversation here, for one thing, I don’t have The Marquis’s permission. If you’d like to join his chat-list, leave a comment and I’ll forward you to him. (Mark, if you have a better title for whatever it is those emails are other than “chat-list,” lemme know. ;-))

One word that was used to describe Ms. Hilton was “rebellious.” That stuck in my craw right from the get-go. It was the wrong word (imnpho) but it wasn’t until a little later that I had formulated a fairly complete idea of why. I can’t claim to have any idea what Ms. Hilton’s childhood was like but this “entertainment news” article seems to support my hunch that any kind of behavior she engaged in — good, bad, ugly, or rebellious — was not only tolerated but probably indulged.

My point is, how can you be “rebellious” if there’s nothing to rebel against? If your family doesn’t care if you traipse around making a public fool out of yourself, then you are not rebelling. You’re just traipsing around making a public fool out of yourself. Not thinking about whether your behavior may have any effect on anyone else, I might add. It seems to me that this 26-year-old lawbreaker still expects to be treated like a naughty but cute little toddler and her mother is apparently still indulgent. I’m sorry but tell me again who these people are and why they are special?

Enough is enough and I’m going to forget about this and go celebrate Pengo Janetto’s graduation from Grand Blanc High, magna cum laude. Blonde but definitely not some spoiled aristocratic airheaded bimbo. Er, salami-brained, maybe. 😉

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