Stop strangling me! Or I will just start hanggggingggg around…


Yes, I did once pick up my small mousket daughter in the grocery store, which caused her to yell, “Stop strangling me!” (See yesterday’s comments.) As you can see from her comment, I wasn’t really strangling her, and other grocery store patrons were actually rather amused. She wasn’t even all that stressed out during that grocery store trip. I remember another trip to the store with her when she was about two and talking to me very articulately about whatever was on a magazine cover in the checkout line. Actually, I think it was basketball players, of all things. Another woman marveled about that. “She has a really big word list!” And yes she did. She was always extremely articulate and I can’t talk any further about that.

Those photoooos are some Golden Gate Bridge photooos that haven’t made it onto ababsurdo or Flickr (yet). How many photos of the Golden Gate Bridge are on Flickr anyway? I haven’t searched, but probably about a billion. But these are *my* photoooos. The first and third are is from our Sunday trip over to Marin County via Maggie, a beautiful little motorized vee-hickle. The middle one is from the ferry (or maybe the dock, I’m not sure) we took from Sausalito back to the “Warf” the day we biked across the Golden Gate. The *first* is also from the bike ride, before crossing the bridge. I wrote (a bit) about that bike ride here. It is a beautiful bridge and I miss it…

2 Responses to “Stop strangling me! Or I will just start hanggggingggg around…”

  1. Marquis Says:

    Biked? How many miles?? MPH??? Heart-Rate???? 😉

  2. Margaret Says:

    Your own photos are always special because they hold your actual memories of the trip. Alison remembers the time I “grabbed” her arm. She’s lucky I didn’t rip it off. 🙂