China Itinerary

I know that Karen will have some great blahg entries and probably about a gazillion pictures when she gets back and recovers from jet lag. But I thought The Commander and maybe some others might like to be able to visualize where our intrepid travelers will be in China, so here’s a map with a very sketchy overview of their itinerary below it:


  • First concert in Shanghai.
  • Bus to Hangzhou for concerts two and three. (Hangzhou is just a bit southwest of Shanghai and doesn’t appear on the map.)
  • Bus to Ningbo City for fourth concert (east of Hangzhou).
  • Bus to Chanxing City for fifth concert. (Chanxing is not on this map either, it’s west of Shanghai and north of Hangzhou.)
  • Fly to Xi’an, farther over to the west. No concerts here, just sight-seeing and cultural activities.
  • Fly to Qingdao, on the east coast north of Shanghai, for the final two concerts.
  • Train to Beijing to tour the Great Wall and other sights.
  • Fly back to Shanghai and then home.

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