The post-it note is still stuck to the milk cap

alienThe race is on. Halloween is over and we are marching along into the holiday season at a breakneck pace. I know. It always feels like Thanksgiving and Christmas are so far away. They are not! One year I neglected to buy Halloween candy until October 31st. Yes, that is the day of Halloween. I walked into the Westgate Kroger that day and they were pulling all of the Halloween candy off the shelves, throwing it into shopping carts and replacing it with Christmas candy. How do I know it was Christmas candy? Because it had fancy red/green/silver wrappers. Halloween candy does not have that. Does it matter what color the blasted wrapper is? Heck no! Nevertheless, I believe that the Halloween candy in the shopping carts was marked down, so I’m sure I got a deal by pulling candy out of those carts but I can’t really remember. I just thought the whole thing was nuts!

Anyway. The time between Labor Day and Halloween usually seems long to me. Not so much this year because of the trip to San Fran and the fact that I have been head-down boogity boogity at work for months now. But usually that’s kind of how it is. We get to Halloween and I think something like, well we have almost another month (not really) until Thanksgiving and then it’s a whole ‘nother month until Christmas. I have plenty of time. And then Thanksgiving comes and goes and all of a sudden the GG is hauling a trenormous Christmas tree into the house and I get into a big panic because I haven’t even vacuumed up the big chunks in the middle of the room for a few weeks, let alone pull out the furniture to vacuum around the edges. And dust and wash the baseboards, etc.

This weekend. That’s what I did. Our Landfill is one o’ them thar small ticky-tacky boxes (Mouse, cue music here) from the 50s and 60s. The “front room” was built with the house. The “back room” (I *refuse* to call it a family room, not sure why) is one o’ them thar A-dditions stuck onto the back of the house. We have a little woods behind our back yard and the place has the potential to be a pretty house but we persist in sticking with a Student Ghetto/Early In-law style of decor encrusted with whatever clutter we can collect, so, well, it is what it is for now.

Over the weekend, I pulled every last blasted piece of furniture out from the wall, vacuumed behind it, dusted it if it was dustable, vacuumed it if not, *washed* the baseboards. Well, maybe not *every* piece of furniture. I did not pull out the player piano. I asked for help with some other stuff but I didn’t want to press my luck. Same with the tall bookshelf in the back room. The GG’s computer station? The one in the back room, I mean. Not the one in Lizard’s old bedroom. Yes, he has two computer stations… I did my best despite the rat’s nest of waaarrrrrs behind it and the admonishment that it was *his* stuff and don’t mess with it.

I *think* I am ready for the holidays now. At least I don’t think I will panic and want to pull all of the furniture out again. I hate to vacuum, so even if I do panic, I probably won’t vacuum, except for the big chunks in the middle of the room. I should qualify that “ready for the holidays” statement. I am *not* ready for the holidays. It seems like there are uncountable shopping days but I know I will dither and dather and not know what to buy for people and it’ll get to be mid-December or later and I will be panicking about that.

This was way too long. The GG will get lost in it and not understand it and most of the rest of y’all won’t either.

Kayak Woman

2 Responses to “The post-it note is still stuck to the milk cap”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love to vacuum, but HATE to dust and especially despise shaking out rugs. I always transfer whatever was on the rug onto ME. I am becoming a non-fan of Christmas, but I do adore Thanksgiving because of the pretty fall decor and the eating. (without the stress of shopping or presents-which I HATE) Glad your house got organized!! 🙂

  2. Sam Says:

    Pulling the furniture out always seems like “real” cleaning to me, while the “middle of the room” cleaning that usually happens in my house, although still a cleansing activity, seems like it shouldn’t merit the word “cleaning”—maybe “tossing” or…or?…see, back to “cleaning!” In the meantime, “cleaning” for me is upending the tent and dusting the sand out…. (heehee)