Shopping Rant No. 8734234

<shopping_rant>Ooock. I hate shopping. Especially for clothes. Especially at the mall, Marshall Field’s, to be specific. But I am just about at the absolute end here. Can we just say tattered? It is too late to do anything about my winter clothes this year. But, for once in my life, I decided that March was a more appropriate time to replenish summer stuff than July, which is about when I usually wake up and realize how awful my summer so-called wardrobe is. By July, all of the size mediums are long gone and there is a long line of people waiting to try on clearance sale items. Screaming kids in strollers and the whole works. I don’t know, to me, it’s almost worth paying regular prices to avoid that scenario. Today, there was only me and a couple of other old bags in Marshall Field’s and I was actually somewhat successful, to my great surprise. Nothing exciting, just some basic stuff. In basic black, as usual. I tried to find something a little more colorful. But peach and celery and mauve just make me want to yawn. Not that those aren’t good colors. I use them in fiber art projects all the time to great effect. Or at least *I* think it is to great effect 😉 But I just do not like to *wear* those kinds of colors. I need something a little brighter. grok. Like frog green! Yay! grokGROK! Ignore him. I could’ve gone on to Chico’s, where they usually have some brighter colors, but after Marshall Field’s, my budget was shot and I was getting mall-dizzy. I was done and Chico’s’ll just have to wait.</shopping_rant>

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