Quarter Drive

laundryshoes.jpgLemme see… I got one quarter with my change for the coffee we got at the Zeeb Rd. McDonald’s this morning. I found two more when I cleaned out The Indefatigable this afternoon. And another two were hiding in the key basket. That brings me up to a whopping $23.50!

But I’ll need more. It takes 10 quarters to wash a vee-hickle. I’m trying to wash approximately one vee-hickle a week, mostly taking turns between the Hondas. The Indefatigable has too many holes. It’s two quarters (plus two dollar bills) every time I cross the Mackinac Bridge. And I’m not sure how many quarters it takes to do the laundry. Back in the days when I filled three triple-loaders plus a couple light loads and then umpteen batrillion trips through the dryers, it took at least 80. It’s considerably less nowadays but I still need quarters. Oddly enough, the mess of laundry in the pic doesn’t look like it’s big enough to take up three triple-loaders plus but that pic is from summer 2002 and that was my typical laundry routine then. And then there are always a few miscellaneous parking meters to feed. Fortunately it takes only one quarter a lunch at Penny’s Kitchen, compared to five or six anywhere downtown on The Planet Ann Arbor.

Anyway, I need more quarters. American quarters only. I’ve got nothing against Canada but Canadian coins don’t work in American machines. Last year I did what I usually do, which is go over to the bank and “buy” some rolls of quarters. The first time I hit the Lockview Laundromat, I started putting quarters into the washers and they wouldn’t turn on. I was really puzzled until I scrutinized one of the coins and found that it was Canadian. At a quick glance, they look a lot like the new-style American quarters. The coins in the roll I got from the bank were hand-rolled by some customer, who had loaded it up with Canadian quarters. Probably a third of the coins were Canadian. That was bad enough but the next roll I opened had dimes and nickels sandwiched between the quarters. Maybe rolled by a customer’s three-year-old? [NOTE: this is *not* a rant about the bank. Just in case anyone thinks all I do is rant about banks and on-line businesses. This was a fluke, I managed to get the laundry done, and went on with life.]

This year, recent housecleaning endeavors yielded two rolls of quarters plus some. It became a game to see how many quarters I could add to that through change from purchases and general scavenging.

I’m up to $23.50. I need more. I’ll pay anyone IN The Carbeck Landfill 12.5 37.5 cents for each quarter they give me. (Uh, yeah, 12.5 cents would not be much of a deal, would it?) NOTE!!! This is not a plea for readers to send me quarters in the mail. So DON’T send them. I won’t pay you for them. And I’ll find what I need around here, I’m sure. Or go to the bank. Have a good summer, have fun at the laundromat and the carwash, and cross the Mackinac Bridge a few times but please don’t buy property in the Yoop. We already have enough McMansions.

One Response to “Quarter Drive”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    We have a TON of quarters here – mostly due to Jimbo’s efforts a few years ago, scavenging quarters and buying them off the kids so he’d have carwash change. I’d totally forgotten about them in my own “zombie state” until maybe sometime last year – but have not *doven* into them – they’ve practically filled one of the drawers in the Holmes Cabinet.

    I can bring up a bunch of them (if I remember) when we head up on the 1st-ish.

    I have to get through laundry and attacking our own shambling mounds here for a day or two, first… O_o