At least I am not being assaulted by hot rollers

waterloggedAnd that’s okay. I like my witchy hair, as Mouse calls it. It’s getting just a bit longer and shaggier than I am happy with right now. Maybe Mouse’ll chop it for me when she is finished with her play.

Ever hear of a bad hair day? Of course you have. I may live under a rock but it is really a rather middle-sized rock. I do get out occasionally. Well, bad hair day? I have had a bad hair life! I *always* wanted to have long, glorious hair when I was a kid. Mostly, I did not. The Commander, bless her heart, had a different plan for me that involved “cute” short “pixie” style hair. Oh there were little experiments with home permanents and bobby pin curls and stuff. But usually my hair was short. Much shorter than I wanted it. To be fair, I’m sure there was a maintenance issue involved. I have really “big” hair and it gets messy and tangled up at the slightest breeze. Or just sitting at a desk for an hour or so. Whatever. I am sure that The Commander didn’t enjoy untangling my hair. I know I don’t.

When I got to be a teenager, I grew my hair out. And I started experimenting with trying to actually, um, curl it. My hair may look straight on a quick glance but it isn’t that simple. It has a mind of its own. That is not necessarily a bad thing but I didn’t realize that then and I wanted to look like the models in Seventeen Magazine or the Breck Girl or whoever. So I endured many nights of sleeping with curlers in my hair. And Dippity-Do. Anybody remember Dippity-Do? Ever sleep with curlers in your hair? Yeek! On a good day when Venus, Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter (and its moons) were all lined up with Earth’s Moon, I would get up in the morning and take out those curlers and my hair would look kinda sorta almost like the models in Seventeen Magazine or the Breck Girl or whatever. For about five minutes. The act of walking out of my bedroom would mess it up. And hats? Stuffing a hat on my beeyootyfully curled hair didn’t help much either and so I usually didn’t wear a hat and it is amazing that I never got frostbitten ears walking downtown to school in sub-zero (Fahrenheit) Sault Ste. Siberian winter weather. Maybe the hair helped? I dunno.

My use of curlers morphed into the electric kind and then a curling iron that I never got the hang of and eventually into nothing. Now that my hair is short — and it isn’t what a lot of people would call short but it is a length that I like — I NEVER bother with curlers. I do the wash and wear thing. Get up at 0-dark-30, shower and wash my hair and let it air-dry as I do my morning walk. Brush and go. I am an old bag and my hair is kind of wild, witchy, ugly, blonde-gray hair but there is an absolute ton of it and so it swings when I walk. Which I love. Whatever it looks like. Yes, it is probably ugly but who the heck cares!

Didja/dooya all have hair issues?

5 Responses to “At least I am not being assaulted by hot rollers”

  1. Sam Says:

    I remember Dippity-Do! Never used it, but I remember it! Sleeping in curlers I tried, but quit, deciding it was just too miserable…. As to wet hair in the early morning hours, I stood out for the bus at o-dark something, which, if it was on time, arrived at 7:10 am, and we were the first stop for the bus and had to sit in the way-back, so it was stone cold. Result: my hair froze. (Not to mention hat-hair issues….) Glamorous way to arrive at high school!

  2. jane Says:

    I remember dippity-do, but never used it. must have been the older sisters.

    my hair does whatever it wants. but it’s short. I can’t imagine having long hair!

  3. grandmothertrucker Says:

    K. Farnell used Dippiety Doo, with Liz. She still rolls her hair in little orange juice cans occasionally too. I “played” with her dippety doo!!! I used to stick bobby pins in it. That was cool. ha ha.

    I remember sitting on the floor in the kitchen ( Woodsboro House ) with curlers in my hair, in my underwear, by the heat vent, on a crappy little rug next to my sister. We had a birthday party to go to. Then w got HAIR DRYERS for Xmas. Heaven…. wow…. SoMEBODY, maybe the GG or UU or Liz, got tired of combing out all my knots for school, and I got a PIXIE cut. So did Liz. Suzie didn’t want one. Then me and Liz got soooo much attention, Suzie cut her own hair!!! THAT”S a nother story…..

    I had a lions mane hair cut in high school. So did Suzie. You comb it all straight back and go and your bangs curl up funny, so you have to use a curling iron, in sections, while smoking, and doing makeup, on the floor, cause I never did hang up my mirror. Suzi had a new curling iron that was white, non stick instead of just metal.

    I had a perm done with long hair after my divorce, ( $90 bucks and 4 perm packs, 6 hours.. ) which prompted a court hearing on me spending child support on “frivolities”. Which prompted a judge to award me $100 a week in alimony, for 4.5 years, thank you. HA HA.

    Now? It’s all long. I love using a blow dryer, cause it comes out all fluffy. I have a hair straightener too, but then after a few hours, it goes flat. I mean flat. I twist it up in hair pins when it’s hot like a granny. Hey, I AM a granny. I love it when it blows in the wind too, but I can’t stand it in my face. I live over the road, so I don’t have time for style. I am 47 now, and I am FINALLY getting grey hair.

    I can’t imagine having short hair….

  4. Kathy Farnell Says:

    I remember dippity-do! It was a gel that came in a jar. You”dipped” your fingers into the gel and globbed it into your hair to help hold your hair-“do”. Thus the name, dippity-do. I still use hair gel sometimes to try to tame my “big” naturally curly hair. Most of the time I just put it in a pony tail. I occasionally roll my hair with my brush rollers left over from high school. As long as there is low humidity, my hair looks OK for a day and the large rollers straighten my hair a little. It is kind of funny to feel the back of my head because there are indents in my head where the rollers go. Actual rows pressed into my head. I have only had short hair a couple of times in my life and it was a disaster! I could not contain my hair and I would have a large afro type hair-do until I could clip or tie it back. I have never been a person to fuss with my hair so long hair is the easiest for me.

  5. Tonya Says:

    Oh God. I had a love/hate relationship with Dippity-Do throughout junior high and high school. I’ve always had thin, fine, curly hair that just looked like hell if it got to my shoulders, so it was always short. Which sucked bad when the style of my teenage years was long STRAIGHT hair, parted in the middle. I also had an issue with my forehead so I always wore bangs. This was before blow dryers, and so I couldn’t tame the stupid curls…EXCEPT with Dippity-Do! On my bangs! Every night I glued them down and tied a long cotton strip around my head to hold them in place (otherwise they curled straight UP). I called it my “rag-o-bang.” I wore it every night for years and years and the Dippity-Do over time made my bangs sort of greenish.

    I think about how much better my social life would have been in the early 1970s if there had just been BLOW DRYERS.