They have debit card parking meters, why not debit card triple loaders?

I am getting tired of shoveling quarters. I got to the laundromat this morning, the one with the wifi, and the triple loaders cost 16 quarters. I used two of those. Then I used four dryers. That is, I was lucky enough to find four *working* dryers that were somewhat adjacent. They cost a quarter for every five minutes. Lemme see, I think I used four quarters each in two of them, six quarters in a third, and seven in the last one. I brought my own detergent, which I think The Commander bought, so I didn’t pay for that. All that adds up to, hmmm, 16 quarters equals $4, times 2 is $8 plus $2 plus $1.50 plus $1.75. $13.25! Right? I wonder how much it costs me to do an equivalent amount of laundry at home. I guess I could always do it at The Commander’s house. Or Radical Betty’s. But that would mean I’d have to do it in a serial fashion and I’d rather do in parallel. Much faster. And I hate to wait.

I was thinking, though, as I was clinkity-chunking quarter after quarter into those triple loaders, “why can’t they just make one that takes a debit card?” It would be so much easier and I wouldn’t have to be messing around scavenging and rolling quarters all the time. They have debit card parking meters over at the STAC building at U of M now. Why not the laundromat? Actually I bet there *are* triple loaders that take debit cards but I doubt that the Lockview will be installing them any time soon because it’s looking pretty decrepit these days. They didn’t even have any coffee going. Heck, I’d’ve *paid* for coffee! And there were the usual kinds of characters there. A guy who came in from outside twice to use the bathroom. I’m sure glad I didn’t have to go. I think if I *had* had to go, I’d’ve driven up to The Commander’s House or walked over to the locks. And a couple other guys standing there cussing up a storm. Something about going to Canada. Or coming back from Canada. I couldn’t follow it. I thought they were about 65 or so until they I heard them talking about how old they were, which was one and two years, respectively, *younger* than me! I suppose they were thinking a similar thing about me, i.e., “look at that old bag! Betcha she’s about 110!” Grok grok! Ol’ Baggy is as ol’ as Methooseela! Grok grok grok GROK!!!!

Anyway, the moral of this story is: Beach Folk, if you need to use the laundromat, go early in the day, eight in the morning if you can. It was mostly empty this morning but with all those broken machines, I bet people were waiting around by afternoon. And I hate to wait. As a few of you know. Unless I’m waiting in a place with wifi. And coffee.

6 Responses to “They have debit card parking meters, why not debit card triple loaders?”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    Hm. Mebbee you can go to the Soo Chamber of Commerce and let ’em know about your suggestion? Heck – a triple-whammy location: debit-card washers & dryers (which all work and are even well-maintained), premium coffee shop, and wifi all rolled into one location. And maybe even located near Kenny’s Pitchen. Add to that certain entry requirements (like, no loitering unless you are doing your laundry, no cussing, no entry only to use the potties, etc. – heck – require “purchase” of a pass to enter, which then allows free dryer usage AND is a temporary badge that allows entry to the laundry/wifi/cafe area…)

    OK, so I’m getting carried away. I don’t like coin-op laundries – too easily weirded out by bizarre and/or smelly and/or walking germ-factory types, hate malfunctioning machines, disgusted by the condition some folks leave the machines (and the area in general) in, etc.

  2. kayak woman Says:

    Actually, there can be some pretty good theatre at the laundromat. At 8 AM you can get some weirdos but they usually aren’t the scary type, even with the cussing. I bet that there *are* some decent laundry wifi cafes around, just not near Siberia.

  3. Pooh Says:

    URSA MAJOR WASH & DRY anyone?
    E E
    B S

  4. Pooh Says:

    Hmmph! It took out all my careful spacing.

    Let’s try the other version: (Anyhow, you get the idea)


  5. kayak woman Says:

    haha! html ignores white space unless you enclose it in <pre></pre> tags. Which might not work in the context of a wordpress comment. But it’s okay. I knew what you meant. Last year, Jane and Mouse and I sat in the hollow in front of the old cabin one day and fantasized about opening a yarn store cafe. Similar thing in a way.

  6. Sam Says:

    I always thought a laundromat should be paired with a used-book store. Then I found one in Carrboro NC. And loved it. But that was years ago….