And now, I veeeel perform zeeee cloning

cloningRoight. He used to say that he would be performing the cloning whenever he gave our first little Lizard Breath daughter a bath when she was newborn. Y’all know what the heck cloning is, roight, and that it has very little to do with giving a baby a bath. Somehow, our lizard lived through all of the GG’s experiments and the GG has lived to have his adult daughters beat on him a few times.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. We had some beloved Planet Ann Arbor/Fin Fam Moominbeach relatives over for turkey et al on Thursday. I think I heard my dear uncle Harry say that he would cook a turkey in his own house. I don’t blame him. I always do that when I feel obligated to spend turkey day somewhere beside my own Landfill. Leftovers, anyone?

And so. The rest of the weekend… I had vague ideas about shopping for xmas. The GG had other ideas, which were that finally, after 25 years of living in this Landfill, we are gonna GUT this ugly kitchen and re-do it. So, we’ve dragged all over the big box home stores, Lowe’s and Home Despot Depot.

Friday night? Matt Watroba at the Ark. Oh. The GG walked down early to try to get a good seat. I love Matt but I wasn’t sure I could stay awake in an audience. Because I am me. Sigh. Mouse was tired too. We rose to the occasion though. We had a table. I had just enough whine to simmer myself down and then a wonderfully unending supply of ice water. Good show? Man oh man, wonderful. Matt and our own town’s harmonica virtuoso, Madcat Ruth, and many other wonderful musicians. And a surprise appearance by Jeff Daniels. I haven’t swooned over a film star since Mighty Mouse. Jeff Daniels? I am not swooning but this guy brings his good fortune back to support the arts in his home state. Our very beautiful but perennially suffering state of Michigan. Thanks Jeff, and Matt, and Madcat. And all.

And then there was Saturday… Discovering a new hiking trail with our Hotlantian friends Sam (archaeologist, not dog) and jcb And then there was lunch at the Red Hawk. With whine. Because that’s how my Sam and I do things. And then a quick stop at the Briarwood Mall Apple store, where the GG and I came close to upgrading our iPhones but didn’t quite do it. Too many people yada yada yada.

Christmas shopping? Not. When and what? I dunno. I just want a dumpster in my driveway.

Butt back in seat tomorrow in my cube. Hope y’all had a great weekend. Love you all.

Kayak Woman

3 Responses to “And now, I veeeel perform zeeee cloning”

  1. jane Says:

    I have some vague memory of Madcat playing harmonica over behind Slauson when I was tagging along with Pooh. This was when we lived on Crest and Pooh would have been in high school.

    Pooh – did you know him or was he a friend of a friend perhaps?

  2. Margaret Says:

    It does sound like a great time except the talk of the kitchen remodeling AND the Christmas shopping. Ugh–I’m starting to feel stressed.

  3. Pooh Says:

    Gosh, I must be getting old… I have no memory of a harmonica player behind Slauson. Does he have a different name than Madcat?


    Of all the things I’ve ever lost, I miss my mind the most.