mykidsI’m not exactly sure where this photo was taken. I wasn’t there. I was at work. It was a year ago or so and I just sorta thought it would be a good thing for the GG and the Beach Urchins to hang out somewhere without me. And so that is a pic from last year when I wasn’t there because I was at work. Work! As in, I have a JOB! Oh man, we won’t go into all of that job stuff. I think that this Christmas, I will take more time off to be with my beautiful California daughter when she is home. And my beautiful Mousket daughter too.

I left work just a bit early today to do some shopping. There were vee-hickles everywhere downtown and I had a terrible time getting through the oncoming traffic to park in the tiny little street lot that I wanted to park in. But then, the stores that I went into had very few customers. And the inventory seemed pretty sparse in some stores. For so many years, I could not afford things in some of the Planet Ann Arbor stores. Now I can, sorta. Except I do not want to accumulate any more stuff. I just hope that our stores survive.

Those are my beautiful baby girls. The ones who are old enough now to tell their moom what to do. I love them to the point of distraction.

2 Responses to “sigh…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    They are gorgeous and happy!! I’ve always been happy to have so much time off at the holidays to spend with the family. I know that not all jobs are like that and feel very fortunate!!

  2. gg Says:

    Lake Erie – the extreme West end of Lake Erie.